Monday, August 10, 2015

Why We NEED Pharmacists

Our job as pharmacists is to dispense the right medication to the right patient and make sure it is correct and appropriate. It's also our job to protect the patient, sometimes from the prescriber or doctor who wrote the prescription.

Above is an example. A careless pharmacist would just type this up as:

Dissolve one and one-half tablet under tongue twice daily as needed for pain.

But a good pharmacist would see the conflicting notes and if he or she didn't know the patient and history, he or she would call the doctor. This careless doctor actually wants the patient to take one tablet in the morning and one-half tablet in the pm.

What would happen if this patient was given incorrect instructions? Probably not much. But with a different drug this could be catastrophic.

Think about that the next time you're pressuring your pharmacist to hurry with your prescription.


Anonymous said...

Most commonly seen on electronically prescribed prescriptions. I suppose that the most common directions are auto-populated on Size 12 font and doctors just add a note in Size 6 font at the very bottom with the correct directions.

Anonymous said...

That is why I stick with one pharmacy even though competitors might be cheaper on some things. They know me and my family. All of my meds are in their system. Recently a mistake on dosage was caught by my pharmacist. I trust him more than the doctors that prescribed it.