Saturday, October 10, 2015

It is what it is

Some people view this phrase as "sound advice." Some people think it is wise. Upper management (The Authorities) like to throw this phrase around when they have no answer for your query or any kind of reasoning to justify their often foolish and usually illogical decisions.

It is what it is (you can't change it) so you best just accept it and live with it.

But that's not our nature. Anyone who would think this is a wise approach doesn't understand the nature of man. We do not live by accepting things the way they are. No one should ever do that.

Imagine for a moment... what if the colonists had just accepted the taxes imposed by the King of England? What if they said "It is what it is" and just accepted it? Would we have the great superpower nation we have now? Or would we be just another struggling colony of the British Empire?

What if Dr. Jonas Salk just accepted that Polio could not be beat? What if he said, "It is what it is" and never tried to eradicate Polio with his vaccine research? What if Rosa Parks said "It is what it is" and moved back on that bus back in December, 1955? What if scientists just accepted the notion that no one would ever make it to the moon? 

Now you see why this defeatist and sad acceptance of the way things are is so dangerous. Think of all the times in your own life when you thought you were stuck or had to live a certain way or accept defeat. Aren't you glad you didn't give up? Aren't you glad you kept trying?

It doesn't matter who you are or the situation. Never give up. Never accept things the way they are. There is no wisdom in this whatsoever. Don't let yourself be fooled by those who would tell you to accept defeat. Don't be deceived by those who think nothing can change in your life, whether it be an issue with your job, your family, your relationship... whatever it is... NEVER GIVE UP.

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Jim Stephens said...

You really touched on something that was an irritation to me when I worked at Goofmart. The manager, Barney, would often resort to using the phrase "It is what it is" during "dialogues" involving pharmacy issues.