Saturday, October 21, 2017

Welcome to Mental Dental

Consider if you will, TWO prescriptions for the SAME patient. In one prescription, he's David. Then in the Twilight Zone... er, the dental office... suddenly his name changes to Stan. 

Oh, and I guess the pharmacist gets to decide the dose on the Amoxicillin.

Friday, October 20, 2017

This is me...

...when it's late in the day
and MORE e-Scripts
pop up on the computer!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Reason WHY Your Pharmacist Looks Miserable

This has happened so many times I've decided it has to be me because I'm just not getting it:

A patient calls...

"Hello, Goofmart Pharmacy."

"This is Barbara Askemtwice. Is my Lipitor ready for pick up? You had to call the doctor for a refill."

I fiddle diddle on the computer.

"Yes, it was refilled yesterday with two additional refills. It's on the shelf now, ready for pick up."

"So they authorized a refill?"

<sigh> "Yes, with two additional refills."

"And it's been refilled?"

Bigger <sigh> "Yes."

"So it's ready for pick up?"

Eyes roll. "Yes."

"So I can come get it now?"

Holding gun to my head. "Yes."

What's the deal? This has happened so many times I can't keep track. What is it about the words "It's on the shelf now, ready for pick up" that is so confusing? Seriously. Are these people impaired in some way? So bored that they want to turn a 30 second conversation into a five minute one? What is it about my delivery? What? What? What?


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

And the Fake Rx is...

...the Oxycodone Rx. 

THIS is a fake:

The following two scripts are REAL:

If you decided you would fill the fake prescription, don't feel bad. At least two other prescriptions similar to it were filled by pharmacists here in the Tri-County area.

Demotivational Hump Day... Math

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Real or Fake?

I present to you, my fellow pharmacist or pharmacy technician... two prescriptions. One is real. The other is fake. You must choose. Which one would you fill?

One of these prescriptions is, in fact, a real prescription. The other was created using a home computer and laser printer. I know one looks green and the other looks blue but that's just because of the lighting as these two images were taken at different times. In reality the actual color of the paper is almost exactly the same between the two. The fake script was very well done and actually fooled another pharmacist twice.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dentists are Expanding Services

One of our regulars hands me a prescription for Amoxicillin 500mg, "Take four capsules by mouth one hour prior to appointment."

I engage a little small talk while I'm typing it up. I say, "So, going to the dentist, huh?"

"Yeah, this is for my knee surgery."

Friday, October 13, 2017

This is me...

...when people come in with a GoodRx discount for each med they want to fill.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Fruits of Being Overworked and Understaffed

Recently I received a call from a hospital wanting to cancel a prescription they faxed in. And rightly so... it was written for Levaquin 750mg # 30, one tablet by mouth three times daily.

The actual script was to be supposed to be ONE daily for 10 days. The prescriber at the hospital screwed up and someone caught it over there.

Fortunately the medication wasn't dispensed yet. I went to the will call and sure enough, there it was filled and ready for pick up. It wasn't filled by me or Mickey. It was filled by a floater tech and floater pharmacist, probably during an incredibly busy time when things like this can slip by. 

Even with our long chain of safeguards, every now and then a huge mistake slips right on through. When a pharmacy is understaffed and the staff is overworked, THAT is when bad things happen. Goofmart corporate doesn't give a damn. They expect us to just deal with it and be perfect.

I've made mistakes over the years, none of which has been anything that's been a big deal. With almost all mistakes it's been caught before it ever gets in the hands of the patient. The other situations didn't cause anything even remotely serious.

But I wonder, will someday a perfect storm of events take place that causes harm to a patient? Will I be the last link in the chain of protection for the patient that fails? Will I be the reason someone gets hurt?

And that keeps me up at night.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You Guessed It...

This is an angry fax we received in response to a refill request for a patient... basically accusing us of fraud.

When I faxed over a copy of the original Rx, written in the same hand as this fax, thus proving once and for all that this prescriber did indeed write the prescription... all we received was a new prescription. 

And you guessed it... no apology was offered.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The "Alprazadone" Incident

Miss Loosey is one of our regular patients here at Goofmart Pharmacy. I've had many "fun" discussions with her over the years. One of my favorites was trying to convince her that Vivarin is the same as No Doze, which she kept calling "Doze." Every time she said "Doze" instead of "No Doze" I would laugh and she thought I was laughing at her. I guess I was, now that I think about it.  

Another time she refused to buy a box of "Allergy Relief" (our store-branded diphenhydramine) because it didn't say "sleep aid" on the box, despite my insistence that it truly was the same thing as ZzzQuil. I finally took a pen and crossed out "Allergy Relief" and wrote "Sleep Aid" on the box, but even that wouldn't sway her. Twenty minutes later I saw her on aisle eight with a bottle of ZzzQuil in her cart.

Today I couldn't keep a straight face no matter how hard I tried. Miss Loosey BURST into the pharmacy at lightening speed... wearing a cape over her clothes with her hair lathered up with bleach at the hairline. She was obviously getting her roots dyed while at the salon next door when something she discussed with the hairdresser caused her to run over to the pharmacy.

"I need to talk to you immediately," she blurts out. I point to the waiting room and meet her there. I'm barely in the room when she starts an inquisition of questions about her "Alprazadone." I've long since given up on trying to correct her that it's pronounced "Alprazolam." Besides, the techs and I have a good laugh calling it Alprazadone now. 

Miss Loosey is worried because she was recently arrested for shoplifting at the Snootyville department store. Her pharmaceutically-trained hairdresser blamed the "Alprazadone" and now she wants to build her defense by saying it was the "Alprazadone" that caused her to try on a new pair of shoes and wear them out the door. As she's explaining her story in her present condition I can't help but picture her in the cape with her hair a complete mess, lumbering around the department store impaired by "Alprazadone" and trying on different shoes. And with that image in my head I can't keep the smile off my face. Every time I smile she squints at me in total disapproval.

With the goo starting to drip down her face, she continued to ask me questions. But having a discussion with Miss Loosey isn't really a discussion. She will ask a question and when you start answering it she will cut you off and take the conversation in another direction. I never did get around to addressing whether "Alprazadone" can cause someone to shoplift. Before I could give my opinion, she sped off, cape flapping in the breeze... satisfied because she was convinced I would provide expert testimony at the trial.

I think I can use some "Alprazadone" now.