Thursday, June 27, 2013

COOL SAFE: Lock Up your Valuables


Lock up your stuff! Feel free to go into the pool or ocean, then come back and find your stuff is still locked up and safe inside this little safe.

Putting your wallet and phone in your shoe at the beach or pool isn’t fooling anyone! Keep your valuables safe while you go in the water this Summer with the Alarm Sounding Beach Safe. This portable safe has a steel cable that you lock around a fixed object (bench, chair, umbrella, etc). If the line is cut, a 110db alarm sounds, alerting you and scaring off any would-be thieves. A flashing light lets you know it’s locked and secure. It’s sliding drawer is big enough to hold an iPad along with jewelry, cameras, wallets, phones, and other valuables.


Anonymous said...

Uhhhh they are recommending you "secure" it to a chair? Can't the thief just lift up the chair and still take your crap??

An umbrella? I mean.. come on... an umbrella...

Alysa said...

This is cool!