Saturday, August 22, 2015

I REALLY Didn't Want to See That

So this guy comes in to ask me questions about his medications. That's ok, people do it all the time. They go to Wagmart down the street, get their prescriptions filled, then come to Goofmart where we have caring pharmacists that will take the time to counsel the patient.

He pulls out his cell phone to pull up a picture of his bottles of medication because he can't remember the names of the drugs. He's leaning over the counter, and leaning toward me in such a way that I can see the pictures too.

As he's scrolling... slowly, and sure enough, I get a free tour of his sexting pictures with his girlfriend or wife. Thank you so much for sharing. I saw parts of her that I really didn't want to see, but now they're branded in my memory, forever. As he's scrolling, he looks up at me, with what I can say is pretty much the same kind of grin that's in this picture here. He's happy to share.

And I've been mentally accosted. What was seen can not be unseen.

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