Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It's on YOUR End

A guy comes in to pay for his medication using an HSA. For those of you from Boise, Idaho, this is a "Health Savings Account" card provided by insurance to pay for your co-pays. I don't know why they just don't make the co-pays zero and forget about the HSA cards but I'm trying to inject logic into it so forget that idea.

The card gets declined. He tries it again. I tell him again, it's declined. I ask him if it's an HSA card. He says yes. I tell him he'll probably have to call them because it's thinking Goofmart is a grocery even though our pharmacy is on a different system that sends the codes as "Goofmary Pharmacy."

No, he insists on trying it two more times before he gives up.

Later in the day he's back and tells me he called the insurance and they told him to go try it again. So I try it and it processes and prints out a receipt.

"They fixed it," I say.

"No, they said it's on YOUR end. I'm glad YOU fixed it."

Whatever I did to fix it, I don't know, but it worked! Maybe I'll conquer world hunger next without even knowing about it.

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Kassy said...

An HSA isn't provided by your insurance company, isn't solely or even primarily used to cover copays, and, in most cases, is funded by the patient.
Before Obsmacare, HSAs were a great way to have a fairly low premium on exchange for a high deductible and then pay that deductible with pre-tax dollars. Post-Obamacare they are a way to have a high premium and a really high deductible instead of a full years average salary premium and what used to be a high deductible but is now officially not a high deductible.