Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Happy with your Pharmacy Software?

I'm not happy with the Goofmart Pharmacy software.

This morning it decided to fax out requests, one after another, to all the people who asked for refill requests using the automated systems.

The problem is that these were requests also made last week.

Many of these requests were already made and the physicians had already approved the requests. In some cases the physician office caught the mistake and denied the refill request, sending back "Request honored last week" or "Denied -- request authorized on 8/__."

But way more refill requests were authorized again. It was probably just an oversight by someone who thought maybe we didn't get the authorization last week. Who knows? There could be a million reasons.

This led to a mountain of problems for a Monday. First, the printer kept printing out authentication notices indicating that that a fax had been sent. 

Then the e-Script software kept bumping up the queue with responses from doctor offices. It was a Monday nightmare inside of the usual Monday nightmare!

It was like the movie Inception: Pharmacy Inception.

And I couldn't stop it.

I called the Helpless Desk only to be told that the software was clearing out its queue and that it would be finished by the end of the day. When I told them the consequences of what was happening on our end in the actual, physical world, I was told that I could take the time to call each physician and tell them the fax they just received was incorrect.

Yes, I have time for that. Sure. Sometimes I wonder if these IT nerds have any clue what happens in the real world.

I left my shift on Monday 90 minutes late, mostly because of the problems caused by this computer nightmare. I have no idea if it would continue into the evening.

Or maybe it will never stop.

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