Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Creepy Damn Company

"To me, it's about patient safety."

I remember when she said the words. It was just last year. I even blogged about it. Take a look here. It's what our company's clinical pharmacist was saying to try an convince me to push flu shots.

Since that time we get emails about the immunization numbers and usually some tag line, "You've protected XXX number of your patients this week."

The company is full of crap. Just tell us it's all about money instead of this lie that we're all about protecting our patients. Just this week we just received an email telling us that the company will no longer be buying the better flu shot formulation this year. Use up what you have because the less effective and more profitable one is all we're ordering from now on.

So if it's about patient safety, why would we be giving them a less effective flu shot? Because it's NOT about patient safety. It's about profit. It's always been about profit. 

And you know what, that's ok. Just stop lying to us about your fake concern for "patient safety."


1 comment:

Tom Bridgeland said...

Please comment on which is the more and which the less effective shot. Use general terms is being too specific is liable to get you in trouble!

Is the less effective simply the dregs left over from last year that are still under their use-by date?