Monday, December 3, 2012


Mr. High School Teacher: "I'm here for my prescription.  It's that Lypo-tore generic, Silverstatin."

Me: "We have a prescription for you for SIMvastatin.  It's a generic for Zocor."

Mr. High School Teacher: "Yes, my SILVERstatin.  It's that Lypo-tore generic that's $4."

Me: "Atorvastatin is the generic for LIP-itor.  Your doctor didn't prescribe that.  This is SIMvastatin."

Mr. High School Teacher: "So I have A-tork-a-statin, $4 for a 90 day supply, right?"

Me: "No, you have SIMvastatin and it's $4 for a 30 day supply."

Mr. High School Teacher: "SILVERstatin is $4 a MONTH.  That seems high for a Lypo-tore generic.  I thought all generics were $4 for a 90 day supply?"

Me... giving up...  "Your SILVERstatin is $4 for a MONTH supply or $10 for a 90 day supply!"  I can't hardly believe it.  He's got ME saying SILVERstatin now.

Mr. High School Teacher: "And that's the generic for Lypo-tore, right?"

Me... entirely beat down, "You have a statin drug for $4 a month."  That's not a lie although I didn't answer his question.

Mr. High School Teacher pays the $4 in quarters.  I bag up the damn thing and smile.  I counsel him what to watch out for and that bedtime is the best time to take it.  He smiles back.  

He's about to step away when it left his lips... "How's this drug going to help my diabetes anyway?"


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