Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Gadget for Dog Owners

Do you have a Thirsty Dog?

Dogs need an adequate amount of fresh water at their disposal at all times, and the thicker its coat, the more water it needs to drink to rehydrate itself. Of course, some of us do not mind letting Lassie lap up water straight from the tap without any boiling or filtering done, but for other folks who intend to go the extra mile for their four legged friends, perhaps the $69.95 Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain is a good idea to invest in for your home.

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain is pretty much self-explanatory, where it will dispense water whenever it detects that there is a dog nearby. Just how does it do so? No, there are no invisible leprechauns hanging around in your garden, ready to press a button each time a pooch ambles along, but instead, it relies on a built-in sonar proximity sensor which is capable of detecting a dog’s presence within 3′ and across a 40° angle, where it will then automatically turn on the water, and is smart enough to turn it off when the pet leaves. Thing is, your dog might be a labrador, and we all know how much labradors love water – so they might just hang around the Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain all day long. This particular unit is a snap to install – all you need to do is attach it to a garden spigot, and you’re good to go. There is also an integrated splitter which enables a hose to remain connected to the garden spigot, with its housing is made from weather-resistant hard plastic that will also be able to resist the curious dog’s chewing. A quartet of C batteries are said to deliver up to one year of juice, now how about that?

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