Saturday, August 3, 2013

No Need for a Lunch Break

Managers at Goofmart pharmacy have reviewed a NEW product called the "Crib Dribbler." This amazing device allows crawling babies to make their way to the edge of the cage... er CRIB for some much needed nourishment.

And thus a brilliant idea was born. Soon all Goofmart pharmacies will have these amazing devices installed at filling stations throughout all the busy pharmacies. Each dribbler will be filled with some sort of nourishment gruel and paired with the Foldaway Urinal already strapped to pharmacist's legs... there will really be no need to ever leave the filling station during a pharmacist shift.


Pharmaciststeve said...

why not just provide staff with N/G tube and bag of Ensure.. total nutrition and/or some of the enteral nutritional liquids that produce low residual residue. Only have to deal with urine output ! :-)

Anonymous said...

I fee,l quite often, that i would benefit from a catheter and one of those beer helmets loaded with bottles of water