Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's go! Hurry!

One of our regular patients, a nice lady who refuses to use the automated call in line or the internet to put in her Rx numbers but instead insists on giving them to me over the phone is here picking up her prescriptions. If she would use her debit card, we could have her out of the pharmacy in one minute. Instead, she always wants to write a check. Jeez people, that's so LAST century. Anyway, she's writing a check and is just about to tear it off the pad when her husband rushes up next to her. He'd been using the free blood pressure monitor in the store and was apparently extremely happy with his recent results.

"My Bp is low! Let's go have sexxxxxxxx!"

His wife tears off the check, grabs the bag of meds, and they rush out the door. Whoosh!

The tech and I laughed for an hour...


Anonymous said...

You sure it was his arm (and not another appendage) that he put in the cuff while pressing stop, start, stop, start, stop, start repeatedly?

Anonymous said...

She might not even own a debit card, and uses the back of her mailed bank statement to balance her checkbook each month. But she's keeping her husband happy, so I think she can live in the pre-2000 world all she wants (grin).