Saturday, May 21, 2016

Captain Obvious Calls the Pharmacy

I've mentioned the Domino Family before, but I never talked about how absolutely annoying they are. Here's a typical phone interaction with ANY of them on a busy Monday:

Ring... Ring...

"Thank you for calling Goofmart Pharmacy, where we use an immunization to make us a great nation. How may I help you?"

"This is Lisa Domino. I need to call in some prescriptions."

<Me, annoyed again, but having accepted defeat long ago> 

"Ok, go ahead."

"The first is 830439. It's for my mom. It's A-tor-my-statin. That's for high cholesterol."


"And then we need 814933. It's my La-mick-toll. It's for..."

<I cut her off> "Ok."

"The next is 812929. It's for my dad. It's his Car-vade-lol. It's his blood pressure med. But it's out of refills, so YOU will have to call the doctor on that one."


"Ok, my dad will come in and pick them up."



Can you imagine life at the Domino home?

Dad and Lisa sit down at the table. Mom comes out with a plate of food and places it on the table. 

"Oh, this looks good," says Dad.

"It's chicken," says Mom. That's a flightless bird domesticated by man."

"Oh? Great," says Dad. "Pass me a fork and a plate, Lisa. They're used to eat food."

"Here you go, Dad," says Lisa. "And here's a napkin. It's for wiping food off your face. But you'll need to throw it away when we're done eating."

"Thanks Lisa," says Dad.

"After dinner we'll watch some television. It's a telecommunication medium used for transmitting sound with moving images in monochrome, or in color, and in two or three dimensions," says Mom.

"I would like ice cream," says Lisa. "But we're out of ice cream, so YOU will have to go get some, mom."

"I'll get it while I'm out getting our prescriptions," says Mom. "They're written by a medical practitioner that authorizes us to be provided a medicine."


Anonymous said...

This would annoy me too, but I imagine she's telling you what each medication was prescribed for so that you will notice if there are any oddities. I've seen magazines give this advice as a way around prescription errors. Seems especially meaningless in the case of a refill, I have to say!

Crazy RxMan said...

So pulling the pharmacist or tech away from focusing on the workflow to field an annoying phone call that could be handled faster by text, app, or Internet somehow reduces errors?