Saturday, September 3, 2016

Closing is the Worst Part of the Day

7:54pm to 8:55pm ~ Nothing happens in the pharmacy. Not one phone call. Not one person. This would be a great time to do some training or get caught up on the ever important MTMs.

I do nothing. The Crazy RxMan has endured a long, hard day. I want to go home.

8:55pm ~ Close gates half way

8:57pm ~ Lights off, log off computers

9:00pm ~ Close gates, lock door, get till, head for cash office

Crazy RxMan chooses aisle seven tonight. It's clear.

9:01pm ~ Mrs. Late enters aisle seven. I'm trapped.

"Oh Crazy, I need my meds so much. Can you please open for me? Oh please?"

The meds needed so much: Simvastatin.

"I thought you were open until 10. When did you start closing at 9pm?" she asks.

"1995," I respond.

9:02pm ~ Crazy RxMan opens gate part way, shuts off alarm, gets meds for Mrs. Late, hands them to her...

Mr. Dunghole is now next to Mrs. Late. She leaves. Mr. Dunghole begs...

"Oh Crazy, I need my meds so much. I know I'm late but please oh please can I have them?"

The meds needed so much: Amiodarone. Ok, that makes me feel better...

"Yeah, I was down to ten tablets left so I ran down here."


9:05pm ~ Crazy RxMan gets Mr. Dunghole's medications. They have a co-pay but I'm not logging into the register again. I tell him he can pay later.

9:06pm ~ Mr. Dunghole thanks me and guess what? Mr. Loopy is there holding a bottle of Miralax in his hand with many questions about his bowel movements.

Stimulating conversation about size, color, and frequency follows...

9:12pm ~ Crazy RxMan chooses aisle eight this time.

9:13pm ~ There is no one in the cash office, again.

9:18pm ~ Finally out the door.


Anonymous said...

And just get to do it all over again tomorrow. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

White coat off. Eyes down. Never look up. Headphones in if that's what it takes.