Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Why Do they Ask?

Every day people ask to speak to the pharmacist wanting advice. Sometimes they want free medical advice of some kind. Sometimes they want advice on which insurance plan they should get. Most of the time they want medication advice, which is what we're trained to handle.

Some people will ask all kinds of questions and I'll give them straightforward, honest answers on the over the counter medication they should get. Most of the time the advice is taken. But what I don't understand is the people that have answered my questions about the condition and listened to everything I have to say... and then decline to go with the advice or go with another product that has nothing to do with their condition.

Why did you ask my advice? Seriously? Why did you take 10-15 minutes of my time seeking the advice of a healthcare professional and not take that advice?

Imagine your car has a small leak. You've noticed a pool of goo under your car when you leave in the morning. You go on down to the Standard Station and ask to speak to a mechanic. The mechanic asks you some questions, looks under your hood, and tells you that you need some motor oil. So then you reach over and grab a bottle of antifreeze and leave.

That's seriously how it is sometimes, folks. Why ask the advice of a medication expert then completely dismiss it?



Anonymous said...


Most of the time its because the pretty mechanic on the daytime TV told you that a special kind of antifreeze will make your car drive like it is 10 years younger! And your girlfriend? Girl? She used that same antifreeze and her little POS is purring along like a finely tuned sports car.

That hard-working mechanic at the corner? What the heck does he know? Seriously? He's not on TV, he's just a mechanic.

BTW, I hate Dr Oz.

May I help who's next?

Anonymous said...

Because people are freakin twits.