Monday, November 6, 2017

Famous Pharmacists for Grandma Fifi

A reader of this blog told me about Grandma Fifi. At one time she used to blog a lot about CostCo. I don't see any current blogs from her, so maybe her love affair with CostCo is over. But who knows?

For some reason, Grandma Fifi decided to let loose on pharmacists. It appears that one time she asked a pharmacist about something in the OTC section and didn't like the pharmacist's answer. So she decided to write a negative blog about pharmacists, using fictional characters as "evidence" that people don't like pharmacists.

So for those who didn't know, here's some famous names you might know... and they were all pharmacists:

Agatha Christie (Well-known author)
John Pemberton (Inventor of Coca-Cola)
Hubert Humphrey (Vice-President, creator of Medicare)
Benjamin Green (Inventor of what later became Coppertone)
Charles T. Pepper (Inventor of... you guessed it, Dr. Pepper)
Caleb Brabham (Inventor of Pepsi)
There's others... lots of others. See LINK.

And now a special message for Grandma Fifi:

Dear Grandma Fifi,

I'm sorry you had a negative experience at your local pharmacy. 

Try to understand the situation from our point of view. We have about 'leventy million things to do every day to keep our patients safe AND get their medications filled and ready in a timely manner. See this LINK. All the technicians you see at the pharmacy helping out? Guess what? We actually need more.

As for the "drugs" out on the floor? Guess what? We don't stock that area, and quite frankly what's out there changes almost on a daily basis. So yeah, if it's not there we probably don't have it. And because we're always understaffed, we don't have the luxury of looking it up for you. Go pester a manager in charge of the sales floor. That way I can get back to filling prescriptions so all the George Baileys can have a wonderful life. 


Every Pharmacist, Everywhere


Anonymous said...

I picked up a prescription at my pharmacy yesterday afternoon. The pharmacist was there alone working the counter AND the drive-through. And by the way, we expect her to drop everything and give "Zero Deductible Flu Shots Here!!" in between. It would make for a great I Love Lucy sketch, but it was ridiculous in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crazy, I have chatted with our local CVS pharmacists about how overworked they are. They too fear a fatal error. The pharmacist told me their schedules are determined by a computer and it doesn't care when the pharmacy is busiest. Keep on alerting the public!