Monday, November 5, 2018

But that's a Good Thing...

Our RPM came by the other day. These visits are getting more and more annoying because they just take up precious time we could be using to do actual work. 

"I'm just making a quick visit to see how y'all are doing. What can I do to help?”

Now she doesn't mean what can she do to help right there right now at the pharmacy. Oh no. We're up to our eyeballs in scripts and people waiting and an extra person would really help in the pharmacy. No. She's talking about helping as a "supportive role" of management.

I asked if me telling her what we need would really matter, and yes there was implicit sarcasm. She said yes. I told her that we’re supposed to be getting eight more tech hours than we currently have and that it would be especially useful to have more help on Monday with an extra technician.

She said nine stores in her region have additional tech needs. 

Then came the spin...

But that’s a good thing...” and then she tried to give some song and dance about it... blah blah blah ... I tuned her out. It’s just more nonsense. 

After she left the lead tech, hearing it all, turned to me and said, "The check is in the mail."

What it amounts to is that we're expected, day after day, to just deal with the pressure of doing more and more work with less help... risking the safety of patients while increasing immunizations, MTMs, and every other metric.

But that's a good thing...

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