Monday, April 8, 2019

@GoodRx Tactic: When Faced with a Difficult Question, LIE

When faced with hard questions on Twitter, Doug Hirsch chose to not answer the questions and then falsely accused your friendly neighborhood Crazy RxMan of threatening him, his business, and his family. 

Doug Hirsch, you're a creepy liar.

Dear reader, if you're a regular follower of the Crazy RxMan then you know I'm no fan of GoodRx. GoodRx adds a LOT of extra work at the pharmacy, adds time to fill a prescription, reduces profits at the pharmacy, fragments healthcare, and it's all for "amazing savings" that usually amounts to just a few bucks for the average consumer. And, most damning of all, it is COMPLETELY at the EXPENSE of YOUR personal, private, and confidential health information.

If you truly and honestly think that you're just getting a lower price at the pharmacy counter by using GoodRx without the cost being shifted somewhere else then quite frankly, you're naive. Nothing is free in this world. That cost is your private health care information.

I've written a number of blog posts on GoodRx. This LINK will give you a comprehensive list of EVERY blog post I've written about GoodRx.

A friend of mine on Twitter and fellow pharmacist, @GeekPharm, had an exchange of tweets with Doug Hirsch (@DougJoe) on Twitter. Doug decided to get involved with a discussion he wasn't actually involved in to begin with. Here's the brief exchange:

Here Doug Hirsch denies that GoodRx sells private information, but when specifically pinned down on the company's intentions with private and personal patient data, he deflects answering the question.

@GeekPharm tries to pin him down again, using a screen shot from one of my blog posts:

And again, let me explain to you that the GoodRx website used this exact phrase about your personal information:

"As we develop our business, we may buy or sell assets, and, depending upon the transaction, YOUR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION may be one of the transferred assets."

This is NOT a typo. They published this on their website. It wasn't long after I posted a blog post about it that they changed their wording. You can use the Wayback Machine and dial it up! 

When faced with the screen shot, Hirsch ran like a scared puppy pissing all the way down the street.

And as @GeekPharm points out, he didn't deny what is (or what was) published on their own website.

And if you didn't catch it, Hirsch accused ME of threatening him, his company, and his family.

Hirsch, you're a miserable liar.

Once again, here is the LINK to EVERY blog post I've made about GoodRx. SHOW ME where I ever threatened anyone! I have not deleted any blog posts. Don't believe it? Then look on the Wayback Machine. It's a permanent record of everything ever posted on the Internet. And it will show that not only did your company publish the part about private data being an asset, it will also show that there is NO threat made by me to you, your family, or your miserable company.

People, when the CEO of a company defends their nefarious activities by making false accusations, maybe it's really time to legally delve into the matter and look at what's really going on behind the curtain. There's some seriously wrong things going on a GoodRx and YOUR personal and private health information is being bought and sold on the open market like a commodity. When faced with the hard questions, instead of denying it, the CEO tries to shift the attention first to other company's policies and procedures and then tries to make me out to be threat.

Doug Hirsch, you're a sad, sorry little man for making that accusation. The only threat I am to you is exposing the truth, and that scares the hell out of you.


Anonymous said...

You have been missed. I agree GoodRx is a rip off. They promise the world and give you crumbs. Experience taught me that. Your posts confirmed what happens behind the counter.

Anonymous said...

My hospital, where I work, has GoodRX cards at the front desk. How convenient for our patients!