Monday, April 15, 2019

I'll Be Talking to YOUR Supervisor

Hello, Goofmart Pharmacy, this is Crazy RxMan, how may I help you?

"Yes, who is this?"

This is Crazy.

"I spoke to a gentleman the other day with a really cute name. Is he there?"

Mickey is his name. He's off today.

"No, it wasn't Mickey. Does he go by another name? Who else works there?"

I'm Crazy. We have Flynn and Tim the techs and Mickey the other pharmacist.

"No, it was a really cute name. What's his name?"

Mickey. Like Mickey Mouse. He's the only other person here with me and the techs.

"NO NO NO. That's NOT it. It was Tuesday that I called. Who was there TUESDAY???!"

Mickey and Flynn work here on Tuesday. Mickey works the entire day.

"Well it wasn't Mickey. I don't know what YOUR issue is, but I'll be talking to your supervisor."


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