Saturday, January 5, 2013


If you're a pharmacist you've heard this more than one time, and often more than once from the same patient:

"I had some friends over and someone stole my Vicodin out of my medicine cabinet. May I please get an early refill?"

I have one lady that's not only used this excuse TWICE (some friends, huh?), she's also had narcs stolen out of her purse, her car, out of her parent's medicine cabinet while she was staying there, and out of her friend's car while they were shopping. Can you just imagine all the bad luck there for this poor lady? Wow.

Anyway, here's the solution to her problem! A little medicine safe! It will keep your medicine out of the wrong hands and promises to bring a whole new set of worn out phrases...

"I had some friends over and someone stole the key to my medicine safe. May I please get an early refill?"

But for your patients that genuinely would like to lock up their meds to keep away from teenagers, kids, and prying eyes... it looks like a good alternative. Check out the medicine safe here: MEDICINE SAFE

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Anonymous said...

Not all of the medicine 'safes' are safe. Some can be opened with brute force or a little ingenuity.

It sounds like she really needs a medicine dispenser. There are some available that can be programmed to dispense meds at a certain time. This can be helpful for people who misuse their medication.

Finally, I think it is time to suggest to her that she considers talking to her doctor about only prescribing one WEEKS worth of pills at a time. Yes, it is an inconvience, but people are less likely to 'steal' pills when there are so few in a bottle. It will also make it easier for her to keep track of how many she has.