Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Observation: Just a Transfer

I called a competitor for a transfer yesterday. I laughed with the other pharmacist about our mutual coupon woes.  We call for a transfer, hand out a $30 gift card. In 30 days, the other pharmacy transfers it back, and they hand the person another $30 gift card. I told her, "This is our way of rewarding people for not shopping with us regularly." She laughed and told me about a guy who asked to transfer a prescription to their pharmacy, then went in to pick up the $30 gift card. She said, "Sir, you have to pay for the medication, then you get the gift card." He argued with her, stating there was nothing in the verbage of the coupon stating that he had to actually get the medication... As it turns out, he didn't want the medication... he was under the impression that he could just TRANSFER the medication and GET THE GIFT CARD.

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