Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Observation: Ethics Shmethics

I guess the economic downturn has affected doctors as well. Just yesterday a doctor called to have his own Crestor Rx transferred from a local warehouse pharmacy. I called and found out that, of course, it is out of refills (thanks for wasing our time buddy, we appreciate that). Upon notifying the patient/doctor, he says, "That's ok, I'll write a refill for myself" as he's handing me a $30 coupon for a new/transfer script. So basically what this boils down to is that docs are prescribing for themselves so they can get a $30 gift card. Is it really that bad out there?
Does that smell like an ethical issue to you? It sure does to me.


3Sweeties said...

Well. . . at least it wasn't a control, I guess. I'm so glad my store hasn't issued any of those stupid coupons in a long time. We will honor ones issued by other stores, but most people don't know that.

Anonymous said...

As long as its not out of his realm of specialty, ie hes not a dentist,I dont have a probelm with it. Surely the man can monitor his own cholesterol. The problem is with the drug companies and pharmacies offering such stupid coupons.