Monday, September 16, 2013

He needs OUR help

A recent email from The Authorities, paraphrased:

The holiday weeks are close at hand and we are scrambling to find coverage for those pharmacists that have made plans with family. We need to be able to cover the staffing needs. I am asking for your help to cover one additional shift over the holiday weeks. If you are one that has not made specific plans with your family during this time, please let scheduling know any days that you are available to work through the first week of the new year.


Seriously? You have no bank of float pharmacists available to cover vacation shifts that were scheduled SIX MONTHS ago? What kind of planning is that? You've waited until the last minute to ask the rest of us to work HARDER during the holidays because of your inability to properly staff the pharmacies?

Here's an idea. HIRE more pharmacists and technicians. There's people out there who need work. To date, I have personally called your recruiter SIX times over the past three years with the names of pharmacists and technicians looking for work. NONE of them were hired, and NONE of them were even called-- most likely because your "hiring bonus" for new recruits is a load of horse manure. I honestly think the company's recruiter job is the most overpaid job in the world. This guy DOES NOTHING!

You know what, I'm asking for your help. We're desperately trying to keep up with demand. The company seems to be able to afford fancy new remodeling for a "Goodness" room, even so far as to pay to keep it cleaned for two years before it goes into operation, and has plenty of money to afford more remodeling so we can have a special flu shot room... HOW ABOUT you help US by hiring more technicians and giving us decent tech coverage? How about we start running our pharmacy like our competitors and have technician help all the time so the pharmacist doesn't look like a complete buffoon running around the pharmacy trying to be an input tech, fill tech, pharmacist, inventory tech, and cashier all at the same time? 

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