Friday, September 27, 2013

How the Trouble Started

One in the VaJayJay at bedtime? Isn't that how this whole trouble started anyway?

And the comment below? Uh... no comment.


Anonymous said...

..... what? I'd like an explanation for this, please? I'm not getting what is funny about this because it seems reasonable to me, so I must be missing what's funny?

Officer Cynical said...

Hopefully, she won't get her sigs mixed up.

Anonymous said...

From the CDC: How do people get bacterial vaginosis?

"The cause of BV is not fully understood. BV is associated with an imbalance in the bacteria that are normally found in a woman's vagina. The vagina normally contains mostly "good" bacteria, and fewer "harmful" bacteria. BV develops when there is an increase in harmful bacteria.
Not much is known about how women get BV. There are many unanswered questions about the role that harmful bacteria play in causing BV. Any woman can get BV. However, some activities or behaviors can upset the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina and put women at increased risk including:
Having a new sex partner or multiple sex partners
It is not clear what role sexual activity plays in the development of BV. Women do not get BV from toilet seats, bedding, swimming pools, or from touching objects around them. Women who have never had sexual intercourse may also be affected."