Saturday, November 2, 2013

Spin your way to Spaghetti!

The Spinning Spaghetti Fork

How lazy are you? Too busy watching Duck Dynasty to actually spin your own fork to eat your spaghetti? Well NO MORE! Now you can get this fancy battery-powered device for only $29.95!

These are the motorized forks whose tines rotate to twirl strands of spaghetti into the perfect neat bite. A thumb-activated button on the handle sets the prongs turning at 22 rpm, smoothly winding pasta into a mess-free mouthful, rather than fumbling awkwardly with a helper spoon or slurping up long noodles. The versatile forks can also effortlessly wind most any other gauge of stringed pasta, including linguini, fettuccine, and vermicelli. Detachable metal prongs are dishwasher-safe.

Here is the LINK.

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