Monday, December 7, 2015

More One-Liners from the Pharmacy

Actual things said to me at the pharmacy...

My friend's dentist said this is exactly what I need. [an OTC item that has nothing to do with dental work]

You WILL fill that with generic. [Pointing at me]

I have an upset stomach. I need Imodium or Milk of Magnesia now.

I'm calling to have you fill my prescription that's on automatic refill...

I'm allergic to prednisone and all steroids.

I refuse to take a Medrol pack because I don't want big muscles.

Don't run it on my insurance. I want to save them some money.

Did you fill my Silverstatin?

Did you fill my Atorka-statin?

Please fill my Lipitor. It's for my cholesterol. [Thanks, we didn't know that]

You don't really think I need to go to the ER, do you? [Patient's arm is covered in blood-soaked rags]

This medication expired in 2004. Do you think it's ok?

How come you're never here anymore? [I work 40 hours a week, sometimes more...]

Where's the Viagra? I can't find it out here anywhere.

[Phone rings several times... caller gets put on hold... finally I get to the phone] Wow, are you guys busy?

Why doesn't my insurance cover it?

[Phone rings... I answer] Is this a secure line?

Where's the Liver Pills?

[Waits in line 15 minutes to drop off a new script] Why will it take 45 minutes to fill it?

What's Prozac for? [Patient asks same question EVERY time he comes in]

YOU gave me Endocet. MY prescription was for Oxycodone!

But the OTHER pharmacist said it would be here...

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Anonymous said...

Three of those were said to me just yesterday.

iratecanadianpharmacist said...

Where is the organic (fill in obvious chemical product)! I need it!

iratecanadianpharmacist said...

I want the genetic

golfrx said...

When told the naproxen they have from ER for back ache is the same they have been taking for their knee pain....". But how will it know to go to my back?"