Monday, July 16, 2018

What the Hell, Doc?

Instill into the eyes hiding in the ear canals?
What the hell, doc?

Twice every day at bedtime?
Does the patient has TWO bedtimes?
What the hell, doc?

Nine prescriptions on ONE pad? Really?
What the FREAKING HELL, doc?


Anonymous said...

Oh my lithium, perhaps this person is a little manic/depressive and can't handle more than one piece of paper?

sfachine said...

Hand written rx invite errors Any MD that still uses them is a fool or dosent care...Rxs written in old latin form ie ou os etc invite error. Computer generated rxs are better but at least the rxs go into the profile kept at the MD office.I bet the 9rxs listed are not accurate on the patients office chart.

Karen said...

Because the signature is clearly "azzhat"

Anonymous said...

Another 'what the hell'... The prescriber of that multi-item Rx couldn't be bothered to put the controlled substance on a separate script either, and then conveniently left off the DEA#. Ugh.