Saturday, October 26, 2013

Foolish Spam Lunchbox

Psssst... want to know a secret? Yep, the Crazy RxMan actually likes Spam. Or let's just say, LIKED Spam. I actually haven't had any Spam since 1985, but I really liked it then. I was living in Hawaii and all the locals over there fry it up and serve it with sticky rice. And I remember liking it.

If I was to reestablish my love for Spam, I think I would need this nifty lunchbox.

Life is far from a smooth ride and when you spend the time to make a lunch to bring along, you need a certain level of security that the food you put so much effort into will be safe. Not only is this lunchbox built of a sturdy tin alloy, securely fastened with a metal buckle latch, and topped with a convenient carry handle, it's also coated in a colorful, glossy Spam brand product logo. The infamous gelatinous meat product is the epitome of sturdy food. It embodies the concept of a resilient vessel for nutrition just as the lunchbox does. 


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