Friday, October 4, 2013

Track your Blood Pressure with an app

People often have their blood pressure taken at their doctor’s office. However, because doctor visits can invoke stress, these readings aren’t always accurate. Instead, monitoring your pressure on your own time may be a better option. The iBP app can help.

While an iBP app can’t actually measure your blood pressure (only a blood pressure cuff can do that), this app offers a concise and simple way to track your numbers and share them with your healthcare professionals. Some of the benefits to the iBP app include ease of use; color coding of your numbers to help alert you when they are abnormal; a notes section that allows you to record any special circumstances under which the blood pressure was taken; data graphed in linear, bar or table formats; data records for up to a year; customizable options; synchronization with other devices and multiple accounts.


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