Monday, June 23, 2014

Advice for Patients about MONDAYS

Dear Patients,

Let's talk about Mondays.

Monday is NOT the day for you to go to the pharmacy. Monday is not the day for you to request your refill. Monday is not the day for you to come anywhere near the pharmacy? No, we're not "slow" on Monday and busy on the weekends. The opposite is true.

Monday is THE busiest day
of the week for all pharmacies. 

1. At most pharmacies there hasn't been a delivery of medication since Friday. 

We're going to get a big order on Monday. That takes time to check and get shelved. 

2. We have a bunch of partials (prescriptions that we didn't have a full quantity of product and dispensed a few tablets) from the weekend that get filled on Monday after the order arrives.

3. Things we didn't have in stock over the weekend get filled Monday morning after the order arrives.

4. People requested refills from their doctor over the weekend... those requests don't get seen by the doctor until Monday morning and those prescriptions that get approved get sent over to the pharmacy on Monday morning.

5. Few doctors keep weekend hours, and most of those doctors try to see all their patients on Monday morning. That means about 10am they're going to flood the pharmacy with their new prescriptions. 

6. Most people start their work week on Monday and one of the first things they do is request refills for all their medications. Oh, they could have done it over the weekend but they were too busy grilling.

7. For some reason people think we're closed on Saturday and Sunday. So they show up on Monday.

So, dear Patient, please stay away from the pharmacy on Monday. Don't call or come by unless you really need to. Call in your refills on Saturday or Sunday. If you just have to see your doctor on Monday, bring your prescription by the pharmacy on Tuesday or later in the week. We're plenty busy at the pharmacy on Monday. We're about a nine on the tension scale Monday morning. Wait times are longer on Monday. 

Make your life easier and our life easier:



Anonymous said...

Speaking of things that annoying pharmacists, I am anticipating being annoyed and the pharmacist being annoyed in the near future. I take Synthroid and I currently have 2 refills left. This prescription was written by a Physician's Assistant who then immediately left the practice. I have no idea where to find her. As she was no longer there, the last time I went in I saw the doctor who told me that he wants me to see him again in 6 months. Ok fine, but - he's also leaving the practice! As a matter of fact, EVERYONE is leaving the practice, they are shutting down. He is moving to another practice that I'd rather not go to. Soooo, I asked him to either give me a written script or to call in another script to the pharmacy as I only have 2 refills left and he said 'no, just have them call me.'. Ok. How are they supposed to do that? The practice is closing? He said 'Oh they have a list somehwere, they can find me.'. Ok, but, you didn't even write the original script and nobody seems to know where the original script writer is. 'Oh, it's ok, the pharmacy can find me.'.

Yeah. I foresee problems. It's really ok, though, I think I'm going to find a new doctor anyway because this one doesn't listen. My TSH was 2.5 and he thought that was fine and wouldn't increase the medication despite the fact that I'm majorly lacking in energy, my hair is falling out and I've gained 25 pounds since it was lowered from 125 to 112. I run marathons and train all the time, there is no way all that should be happening. He told me it was probably due to the fact that I'm getting older. Sure it is.

Ok then. End slightly topic rant. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, don't forget the Monday Holidays, then it should be Don't even THINK about the pharmacy until at LEAST Wednesday that week.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't that create even more work though?