Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shocking Defiance of The Code

Do you keep the #Pharmacist code? Remember the blog post I made awhile back talking about The Pharmacist Code?

Recently I was out of town for a few days, so we had a floater filling in for me. Normally floaters are hard working and keep to the code.

But not one guy.

I was told that one of the days I was gone my pharmacy partner came in mid day to take over the rest of the shift. It was the middle of the afternoon. Over 100 prescriptions had been processed with labels printed. They were stacked up on the counter almost two inches thick. NOT ONE prescription had been filled. NOT ONE. I wasn't there, but apparently no excuse was offered as to what was going on. The technician (also a floater) couldn't explain the situation either, saying "I was busy with the order."

My pharmacy partner is a patient man and God protects the foolish. 

If it had been me, there would have been fisticuffs and blood. Bad form! Bad pharmacist! Shame on you!

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