Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When I Called to Verify

The physician acted angry with me that I was calling, then changed it to ONE tablet three times a day.

I'm at a loss. Someone explain his attitude to me.


Anonymous said...

Attitude -- he's a doctor, what more explanation could you want? Always right, never admit error --- why would you even think of questioning a doctor. they never make mistakes. oh btw, on the qt, could we change that to 1 table 3x day

Anonymous said...

I love how its either they are snarky to the point where you wonder why you even called to help them out or suspiciously friendly.

Never in the middle. Very weird.

tbunni said...

"How dare you call and question me? *I'm* the doctor here! And BTW, could you change that Rx that *someone* (not me, obviously, since *I'm* the doctor) made an error on?"

Or something like that.