Thursday, July 3, 2014

Evaluation Time at Goofmart Pharmacy

They do it every year at Goofmart Pharmacy. The RPM fills out a couple of pages rating the pharmacy manager. The pharmacy manager does the same thing with the staff pharmacist and technicians.

It's one of those standard scales. Here's an example:

How well does the employee provide customer service? Then a scale is presented from "Unsatisfactory" (1) and "Exceeds expectations" (5). The person fills out the form and circles a number from 1 to 5 with each question. The 5 would be the perfect score. A 1 would indicate a serious problem.

So recently the RPM was by talking to my pharmacy manager about this year's round of evaluations. I guess they didn't know I could hear them, but the RPM told the pharmacy manager, "No one gets a 1 and no one gets a 5."

So what's the point of this exercise? The person making the evaluation is told from the start that the actual scale is from 2 to 4. This is a complete joke, a farce, and yet another example of corporate bull crap at it's finest. You can be a complete lazy idiot and not get a low score, OR more importantly, you can work your butt off and not get any recognition for it.

Of course, what would you expect from a company that created Quake-N-ZapWhat a load of manure! Maybe this is part of the reason why fewer and fewer people at my company TRUST The Authorities.


Anonymous said...

Same here at our software company. Every year we are rated 1-5, but no 5's can be given. In some departments 4's are even discouraged. Our rating is what the bonuses are based on. So our dept doesn't get as nice of a bonus that the other depts that give 4's. Of course upper mgmt is excluded from the rating scale.

P.S. Love your blog. I read it everyday.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what our pharmacy does. This is the upper parameter, but no one ever gets that.

Pharmaciststeve said...

I had an employee at a company asks me to give them a 10 when I was given a survey in how they handled the service call.. I was told that while the score was 1 to 10.. the actual scale was 1 & 10.. if the employee didn't get a 10.. it was just like giving them a ONE !

Anonymous said...

Like the first poster, these surveys determine our raises. At the company I used to work for everyone got 5's because the manager didn't want anyone to lose part of their raise no matter how lazy or undependable they were. At my current company we are evaluated by a person who spends approximately 15 hours a year with us.

Anonymous said...

I'd been a pharmacy tech for 10 years before switching to a new pharmacy. My 1-yr review by the pharmacy manager was very positive and my score high because I knew what I was doing and had the previous experience to do it. I loved my job and the patients and would go above and beyond regularly. The store manager decided I couldn't possibly score that high because no one was that good. So my review had to be redone with a lower score. Do they even realize how this affects employee morale and dedication to the job? Or how you describe your company to other potential employees or even friends who may be customers? Why bother with the 1-5 scale if it's meaningless really.