Monday, April 29, 2013

HOW to REALLY Piss off your Pharmacist

Don't use the automated line -- press zero to talk to us, especially on Monday morning.

Hand us your empty Rx bottle and inform us you'll be back in a few minutes for your refill.

Wait until your prescription is paid for THEN hand us a manufacturer coupon.

Hand us a prescription dated several days ago and inform us that you need it right now.

Write a check at the register and take your time doing it like we have nothing else to do.

Act like you're in a hurry to get your Rx filled THEN after you pay for it you're no longer in a hurry.

Call and ask to talk to the pharmacist when your request or question can clearly be answered by the technician.

Ask us to ring up a bunch of crap with your prescription because you're too damn lazy to use our automated check out up front.

Ask me to talk to your doctor on YOUR cell phone. Ewww!

Start talking to me or ask me a question when I'm clearly on the phone.

Ask me to fill another prescription of yours when you just paid for one and there are other people in line.

Ask me for an early refill on your narcotic and give me some bullcrap story. Really, we've heard them all.

Tell us there you don't have new insurance and let us scramble around trying to figure out why your old insurance doesn't work any more.

Ask me for pharmacy advice then not listen to me.

Ask me a question when I'm helping another patient. 

Call the pharmacy and act like we're the switchboard for the rest of the store.

Ask me to refill your narcotic early. Just don't, ok?

Ask me to loan you some Percocet and tell me it's ok because you're bringing in an Rx from your doctor later in the week.

Write a check. Come on, it's 2013. Use a debit card, you dolt.

Try to show me your rash, lesion, or wound. We really don't want to see it.

Ask me why YOUR doctor hasn't called back on your refill.

Tell me you know that "something" is absolutely true because your neighbor's brother's cousin said so.

Tell me you know what you read is absolutely true because you read it on the Internet.

Refer to brand medication as "the real stuff."

Tell me all I have to do is "slap a label" on your medicine.

Write on your prescription. DON'T DO THAT.

Tell me your prescription is cheaper somewhere else. If that's true, GO THERE.

Ask me where the bathroom is. Come on, the store is not that big. You can find it.

Tell me I "never work anymore" when I've been here 40+ hours a week.

Ask me for anything recommended by that quack Dr. Oz. The man is a loon.

Ask me for anything "homeopathic."

Ask me for the "best" of anything. Of course we're going to recommend the best. Duh.

Say you have to have brand because you're allergic to generic.

Say you have to have brand because our generic "didn't do anything" for you.

Say you must have a specific generic manufacturer.

Ask me for advice when you get your medication filled at our competitor across the street.

Ask me for something in the store that's not pharmacy related, at all. No, I don't know where the [insert anything non-pharmacy related here] is located.

Ask me for a kleenex, use it, then leave it on the counter.

Ask me to scan your club card AFTER the transaction is complete.

Hand me your Medicaid card while holding car keys for a Mercedes, Lexus, or some other fancy car. I drive an old beat-up Camry.

Hand me your Medicard card then come up to pay for your prescription later with a Starbucks in your hand.

Hand me your Medicaid card and act like that means we're supposed to ignore all other pharmacy patrons and have your Rx ready in 30 seconds.

Call the pharmacy and ask to be transferred to another department. We're NOT a switchboard.

Stare at me through the glass while I'm filling your prescription. 

Go stand at the register and stare at me after I've told you it's going to be 15-20 minutes before your Rx is ready. We have an expensive waiting room. USE IT.

Press zero to talk to the pharmacy when our automated line tells you we have an Rx ready for you. Just come and get it or don't come and get it. We don't need to hear from you. Either you pick it up, or if you don't, we will return it to stock. DON'T BOTHER US.

Call to tell me you need an Rx filled that YOU know is already on auto-refill. OMgosh that's annoying.

Authorize a refill to be picked up later in the day then show up in an hour to get it.

Keep calling the pharmacy WHEN I've TOLD YOU I WILL CALL YOU when your refill is authorized.

Ask me to fill a prescription for you on the spot because you're a prescriber and you need a Z-pack while you're in town. 

Ask me to break the law for you in any way as a favor. I'm not going to lose my job for you, sorry.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the ones that come in 7 minutes till close, limping and moaning up to the counter with two prescriptions and multiple small children from the ER.. One being an antibiotic and the other is #10 Vicodin sig: qid prn.

They're in so much pain due to tooth ache. They NEED relief now. Since we say it'll be ten min or so, to them that means two..
They hang out at the counter n lean forward to watch the progress as their BO fills the air and the kids play jungle gym on cart and counter..
You start to ring up the scripts along with the half consumed Mountain Dew and Donut holes they needed. They proceed to rip the pill bottles out of stapled bag, put the Vicodin in her purse then toss the antibiotic back at you because she don't need it. they leave the pharmacy you check out her med profile to find multiple narcs from Misc MDs and filled /put back antibiotics they "don't need".


Anonymous said...

You seem to left out the fact that YOU chose this profession, so stop whining. You do work for US...the customer! We don't particually like dealing with you either. Most pharmacists these days are rude and condensending..just like YOU are in this article! We get sick, have to wait WHILE we're sick and become sicker when you are rude and force YOUR crappy generics on us that YOU get kickbacks on.You Find the cheapest supplier, dole out the useless generics and insist the are exactly the same as brand drugs. OK, sure they are.

Anonymous said...

First, we do not work for you as your name is not on our paycheck. Second, the very fact that you think we get kickbacks on anything we sell shows that you are as stupid as your post obviously shows. Try getting more than a high school education and then type something that shows you are more intelligent than the average house dog.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ Mr "DR
wannabe"! So sad you weren't able to get your M.D. title you so desperately wanted. You do in fact work in customer service, which means even though our name isn't ON your paycheck, We, The sick, annoying Customers keep you employed! And on the subject of M.D (ouch) You, Mr pharmacist need to give up the dream and except you just weren't smart enough, and stop pretending that you are. DR's trump you and it pisses customers off when YOU try to play judge & jury about whether the DR'S are overprescribing an RX. It's none of your business as long as there are no contraindications with other meds or you are very paranoid of the DEA looking over you shoulder. Just go behind your counter, count the pills, recount them and fill it! YOU ARE NOT OUR DR! YOU DO NOT have privy to OUR medical records or health status! Kick backs...bonus...(difference?)you receive for finding at cost the cheapest most ineffective generic drugs with the most fillers. You and I both know it's all about profit in the pharmaceutical industry! On the comment about the average house dog not being too intelligent...Guess You weren't able to get a Vet degree either? tsk.

KS said...

I was going to ask how to post a comment...without reading the instructions. Never mind, I figured it out and I'm afraid of the other people (and you, frankly, Mister) who've commented on here. WHO AM I KIDDING? I'm pretty sure you are FRICKING hilarious and people who write idiotic comments on here just prove your point.

Anonymous said...

Annnnnnd anon above just clearly demonstrates the level of ignorance, lack of education, and just plain ole stupidity that every pharmacists has faced at one time or another.

Sigh. So sorry, crazy, that you and other intelligent and hard-working health care professionals have to deal with undereducated nut jobs like this.

Anonymous said...

Hurts when the tables are turned does it? It's alright for you to belittle, mock, judge, embarrass your customers? Yet somebody mocks "you" and they are unintelligent,non hardworking, uneducated nut jobs? Are you really THAT arrogant?
If you hate your job so much maybe it's time to go work in a sterile lab somewhere doing research,away from society. I would also suggest you attend weekly stress management classes along with numerous courses in Empathy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 - Your arguments would go farther without the use of random capitalization and quotation marks. As it is, those things just make you look even more irrational, and yes, uneducated. Furthermore, generics work just fine and save a boatload of money for the patient. My doctor recommended a name brand medication for my condition that I will have the rest of my life. A pharmacist recommended trying the generic, and I did. It works fine for me, and - even when I had to pay out of pocket for a new dose while traveling when I forgot my current dose at home- sets me back a whole 4 dollars and change. The brand medication for my condition would be in the neighborhood of $25 per month after insurance, not the 0.80 I pay now. Since the generic manages my condition just fine, yes, I think I appreciate the pharmacist (not doctor) who suggested trying it. When my meds got increased and I reacted differently, it was the pharmacist who told me what I was experiencing were the side effects and to get back to the doctor. That advice took 5 minutes from the time I even asked to see the pharmacist. Try getting advice from a doctor that fast. More than once, I have had doctors wait to give me prescriptions for either me or my children, because the doctors knew the diagnosis, they wanted to check with a pharmacist first to see what was correct for the situation. In each case, it increased my respect for the doctors involved, as they knew what they didn't know, instead of spouting of about something they didn't. Just a little something you might want to consider emulating... BTW, I am not a pharmacist.

The Domestic Goddess said...

Since coming across your blog, I have been enjoying some good laughs. I sympathize with a pharmacist's lot for the most part. Unfortunately, in specific parts I do not. Where I have requested an early release (after speaking to my doctor and his ok'ing it - fully expecting the pharmacy to call and ok it), again requesting an early release (this time after an hour and half visit with my doctor to determine how to proceed as it now clear that my condition is worsening. It is not my fault that my doctor is inept and despite having clearly written on each of my triplicates that I am permitted to receive early release, that it is not legal and that he must put the start date as being the start of the early release. Given that I had put the prescriptions in 10 days ahead of even calling to ensure that there were no issues, asking the pharmacist who took them to take note of the written instructions, being told directly "yes that's great thank you. Just call if you need help or have any questions'. She was/is the only one, though she screwed up from the start by not saying ... sorry but you need to ring your doctor or we can ring him to get the right date. No. She didn't do her job but she was polite. The four other pharmacists, including the co-owner/pharmacists, have been rude, unprofessional, unethical and just plain judgemental. I naturally find this odd given that the co-owner pharmacist had himself of his own accord, given me two days worth of Endocet prior to the prescription refill date not three months ago. I do not ask for this to be done as I know it's illegal and it would put the pharmacy in jeopardy which serves no one. This same co-owner pharmacist is the same one who shorted me on my pain meds three months in a row, never saying a word to me about it, despite my having come in with my concerns that I appeared to be using more than usual, in being short. It wasn't until I finally cottoned on to what he had been doing .... to be told oh sorry we can't fill the rest because Pharmacare won't pay us. That's your problem as it is your mistake. Several other mistakes have occurred, where I did not fly off the handle, embarrass them or cause any discomfort to them. Yet, I have been treated in such a disgusting manner as to be unbelievable. So ... there are two sides to every story and in this case, the pharmacist has blamed me for something that is not my fault. I speak to my doctor and keep him fully informed of everything. Then I am told by two different pharmacists that my doctor said this or that yet when I confront my doctor about these alleged statements, he either says no ... they've taken it out of context or no, I never said anything of the sort. The latter just occurred this week and given that there is a witness to the doctor's side of the conversation, I can only come to the conclusion that I am being bullied by this pharmacy, with the blessing of the co-owner pharmacist, having been judged and apparently marked as an "addict". I will be confronting the pharmacist tomorrow as I have quite enough. Throw out your dirty paintbrush, do your due diligence and have the conversation with me that you've never bothered to take the time to do (and yes by law they must do this here) and you will see that I am NOT the problem. And yes, I will be dealing with the doctor. So ... again, though I know that in many instances there are grounds for your statements, please keep in mind that not all of us are deceitful, drug seeking rapid individuals. :)

Patient said...

Hi there. I'm just curious why people who need a specific brand generic or have an allergy to a specific generic annoy you. I'm guessing as a pharmacist you know that the active drug in all generics is the same but what is different is the filler. People can be allergic or intolerant to a particular filler.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about some unintellectual remarks regarding the blog/post author's profession and even personal self. "Dr. Wannabe?" If I'm ingesting pharmaceuticals into my body, I'd rather seek knowledge and information from a person whose entire educational, as well as professional, career revolves around them, rather than a doctor who studied them for about a semester. More often than expected, as just one example, though highly educated and very smart individuals, doctors write dosages that do not even exist on some medications, so yes, at times, it is necessary for a pharmacist to "play judge and jury." Not to mention, it's easy to belittle a pharmacist now, until they are needed later. As the post goes on to say, people expect that a label can just be slapped across a vile with some pills in it and call it good. There are state, federal, and even store protocols that go into hand when it comes to dispensing medications, and this fact is no more over-looked than in a pharmacy drive-thru, where customers/patients act as if handing over a prescription for Oxycontin is the equivalent to putting in a minute and half order for a Big Mac. If the secret sauce on the burger is messed up, it's not that big of a deal, but even just one mistake in selling pharmaceutical drugs can have and have had severe consequences. In a world where almost everything is instant gratification, it's amazing how little patience people are willing to muster for their safety, insuring that the technicians and pharmacists are doing their jobs correctly. I understand being in pain, not feeling well, or just plain busy and trying to get some errands done, but being on the other side of that counter as the sick person myself, even before I knew the protocols that went into hand, I was just grateful to live in a nation where I was even able to get medicine, instead of throwing a fit of rage pertaining to everything but assault and battery, all because I had to sit in a chair for ten minutes while it got ready. I'd also like to add that, yes, the cost of medication is astounding, and undoubtedly, the name of the game in pharmaceuticals, as with everything else, is money, but consider, for a moment, exactly what you are purchasing...a medical technology and advancement that heals your body and relieves you of pain and suffering, or may even save your life. Sure, every dollar amount we can hold on to is beneficial to the majority of us, but when you put it in those terms, it changes the mindset to maybe be a little grateful, and if nothing else, maybe take the sting out of the cost. said...

This lists just goes to show that all pharmacits are the same, and all patients feel the same about their pharmacists. My advice: if you are not happy currently SWITCH pharmacies now! It is usually free and well can relieve a lot of grief and headaches. I do know for a fact that pharmacists push generic drugs to increase their profit margins, and that per DEA regs generic drugs must only be 80% of the real drug so yes you pay for a lot of filler! I am not going to attack this guy as all pharmacists are the same and do not know the laws nor do they follow them correctly. My favorite on here is Can I have a few Percocet as my prescription will be ready in a couple of days... Well per the DEA a pharmacist actually has the discretion to dispense schedule II drugs to a patient if they find they are in a debilitating state and need the medication! LEARN YOUR LAWS and you will really have a top notch pharmacy!

Anonymous said...

We in the pharmacy profession, if working long enough have seen this business change from a health care industry to a fast food mentality ! Most of the negative comments are probably from people who grew up in the ninety's and have that aweful entitlement mentality. Take a lesson from your grandparents and learn some patience and respect, remember, treat others like you would like to be treated. So, if your dealing with rude pharmacy employee's, you started it.

Unknown said...
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Cam said...

Why do you get so annoyed at your patients? None of these things are a big deal. I deal with them every day. I can't believe you are crying so hard about the customer service aspect of our job. I feel bad for your co-workers and your customers. Won't be back to read your reply, just carry on with your whining.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am currently a first year pharmacy student who just started at a retail pharmacy. i've been with long-term care and i enjoyed it, but i plan on doing community pharmacy when i graduate. that's the plan at least. i like to read blogs and posts like this because it goes to show how some pharmacists feel in their job and how some patients feel about pharmacists. i like that this post gives me some insight on how i want to direct and conduct myself as a professional and what i want my patients to think of me. i do understand that some patients are a much older generation than i am and i might not understand some of their ways but i plan on changing how pharmacy is perceived and how pharmacy services are delivered so thank you so much for your post. i enjoyed the insight!

Anonymous said...

Hey, is there anything that isn't annoying to you? Here is legitimate question for you..why be a pharmacist when everything that comes with it bugs the hell out of you? Last I checked, pharmacists are there to help out individuals coming in to get medicine because they are suffering in some way or another. So why are you working in this job if you are an insensitive asshole? That's the last thing anyone needs. Here's a tip: get a new job.

Anonymous said...

An observation by a lowly pharmacy patient...
Over the last 10 years there has been a fundamental shift in pharmacy where the 'patients' identified themselves as 'customers'. The 'patient' has a medical need. The 'customer' doesn't care about their health. They are only concerned about what they want. They want 'service' not 'care'. They want to be treated like cars at jiffy lube. The patient will wait in a waiting room for an hour, another 30 minutes in a room, answer the same questions the nurse just asked and 5 minutes later walk out with a diagnosis and a Rx. The patient expects this. The customer is infuriated with a 5 minute wait in a checkout line.

Any idiot knows that Pharmacist are doctors. That's right. A 4 year specialised medical doctorate degree = doctor. Any moron who can do a Google search knows that pharmacist has as many years in medication training as M.D.s have semesters in meds. You demonstrate your massive amount of stupid when you say anything less.

You're even more of a fool if you think anyone who gets treated like pharmacist do by their 'customers' in some way deserve to be treated that way. No one who works with the public deserve to be treated like pharmacist do. Fortunately pharmacist also have patients who care more about their health and have some sense of human decency.

Your negative post above prove their point. If you came to a blog of anyone who works in a retail environment to find warm loving glowing reviews of human behaviour then you're more than a moron or an idiot. You're a disgrace to the human race. Go work in a restaurant for a couple of years and find out what people are really like.

Oh, if you find that magical job where people aren't a**holes. Please post it here. I'm sure there are people all over the world who would love to hear it and thousands of a**holes that want to come and spoil it.

To my pharmacist and all the pharmacist and pharmacy techs out there: I thank you kindly. I appreciate everything you do. I appreciate the most the things I don't understand that happen behind the counter that keep me from getting killed and that magic you do with insurance companies. Finally I thank you for putting up with me on my worst days because I do get sick and I'm not my best.

Keep up the good work pharmacist and pharmacy techs. There are a few patients like myself that really care.

Anonymous said...

I am a pharmacist my buddy owns an independent pharmacy and trust me if we own the pharmacy we would much rather dispense the brand because we get reimbursed a shit ton more for brands. We are actually not allowed to by federal law to dispense a generic when it says do not substitute on the prescription. We substitute generics because it is cheaper for you. Any pharmacy actually loses money when they sell you a 4 dollar generic because the national average to fill a prescription not even with the drug just the labor and overhead costs is 12 dollars per perscription.

Galaga420n said...

Lol . This guy should have been a judge instead of a so called pharmacist since he's so good at judging people. What a dick.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I now know why I really hate dealing with pharmacists. Thank god I can purchase online now. Hopefully your profession can be fully automated soon, I'd rather not deal with you as much as you don't want to deal with me.

Anonymous said...

Okay smart guy, you must be proud of yourself. You beat the system. Oh wait. Thats right. Every mail service employees pharmacists who check prescriptions. Working in retail, every comment this guys says is right and everyone who has not worked in retail has no right to an opinion. I have been called a cunt for not having something in stock. I have had prescriptions thrown in my face and patients that roll their eyes when you tell them they need to wait for 15mins for their Rxs to be filled. I have had a patient yell in my face for the pharmacy being closed (when it didnt open for another 15mins) I came into this profession to help people, but so many people these days have forgotten something vital about any business. These techs and pharmacists are human beings. And no matter how entilted you are or how you believe you "sign our paychecks" you need to treat them with respect. The milenial age that was also mentioned. Yeah, Ive never had a young person be rude to me. Stop trying to blame another generation when its a national mindset. Next time you step in a pharmacy, remember who is trying to keep you safe and healthy. Remember how human beings should be treated. And dont use sickness as an excuse. Everyone has something like sickness or death or problems, but its not an excuse for taking it out on other people.

Self-Educated Pharm said...

Do you actually know anything about the way the DEA controls drugs in this country? Your post demonstrates that you merely think you know some information, when in fact you don't. Generic drugs are not 80% of the "real drug," they're 100% of it. There is no FDA (not DEA, as they are responsible for scheduling and tracking supply of controlled substances) regulation for generic medications stipulating that they accept 80% purity as a quality product for consumption by a patient. Generics must perform exactly as the "real drug" or they cannot be approved for sale, "as per FDA (not DEA) regs." Some medications, like extended release morphine, have the allowance for a 5% difference in dosage, meaning a 60 mg tablet could have anywhere from 57-63 mg of morphine in it. That's the closest regulation to the content of active ingredient that is laid out by the FDA. And as far as schedule II drugs, a pharmacist can only dispense a 72 hour supply and that is with the authorization of a physician and follow up paperwork that must be submitted/filed within a specific (and short) timeframe. It is far easier for the pharmacist to give you a three day supply of a noncontrolled substance. And fillers? These aren't street drugs where weight is added to increase profit. You can't do that with these as they are tested for quality control. Pharmaceutical manufacturers aren't the corner crack dealer; they actually have standards which they must uphold when manufacturing their product and have to prove that the dosing is accurate. When you're legally manufacturing and selling drugs for medical use, you don't need to "add fillers" to increase profit, you just hire a new CEO to arbitrarily raise prices.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but they are the same you dolt. Your google search education can tell you that.
Dont wanna deal with pharmacy nor pay for your meds? Here's your solution: 1. Dont get sick; 2. Stop buying that extra bag of doritos, that extra snickers WITH YOUR DIABETES MEDS BTW LOL, or that extra big mac from the mcdonalds across the street; 3. Get a gym membership and lift something aside from the fork to your mouth or the channel to your TV.

And its our fault you have a problem lol.

Anonymous said...

If you dislike your patients so much, get another job. Oh look. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Haha that solves everything, right? If you dislike your patients, get another job. If your boss yells at you, get another job. If you feel tired from working, quit! Wow what a thought. Very impressed.

lsclark04 said...

Isn’t that your job? I deal with way worse for less money because I love what I do. Find another job.

Resistance said...

If it wasn't for patients you wouldn't have a job so you can take your narsisitic sounding a** and go fu*k yourself stupid a** Cu*t You all think you are God half you all can't even tell me about a medication with out having to Google it sh*t I can do that myself I rather pluck my fuc*ing eyes out then deal with y'alls Sh*tty a**es fuc*ing puppets

Anonymous said...

meh. many pharmacists are just on a power trip. many customers are drug addicts. ya both suck.

Unknown said...

This just sounds like a bitter man who doesn't like doing his job or dealing with customers who are responsible for contributing to his paychecks. If you hate doing your job so much, if you hate people so much... please do something else instead of passive aggressively tormenting and judging customers. Thanks for reaffirming why so many legitamately ill people have horrible experiences with pharmacy techs. (And why Walgreens and the like pay millions in lawsuits for lies and discrimination against patients)

Anonymous said...

To those of you who I consider my patients (you may consider yourself a customer, but are more than that to me...

Imagine being timed on filling prescriptions (yes, the chains do that) and expecting to average 1 per 2 minutes. This is not just counting and slapping on a label. This includes: checking for correct computer input, dose appropriate, duplicate therapy, contraindications such as allergies or disease states (diabetes, seizures, kidney failure, HIV, etc.). Call Dr on questions or possible mistakes (yes, even they make mistakes). Checking the DEA website on controlled substances for Dr./pharmacy shopping. At the same time, holding for another pharmacy for 20 min to transfer your kids fluoride so you can get a coupon which are commonly issued by the pharmacies. (Still averaging 1 script/2 minutes.) Offering counseling on all new prescriptions and answering questions about over the counter medications just for that patient to say "I'll just get this other (homeopathic) one because it is natural". Did I mention that I am also supposed to be averaging about 1 shot every 15 minutes for 5 months of the year? (Just a reminder, the 2 minute average/script is always looming in the background, never goes away.) Oh, now this prescription looks like a forgery, I have to call and verify it.

Consider that if I make a single mistake my patient could die, and up in the hospital, and/or sue me (let's not forget possible loss of license and/or criminal charges. Also the DEA and government is breathing down our necks because of the opiate epidemic. Someone has to be blamed!

I Am also being glared/yelled at because your 12 prescriptions aren't ready. ("It's been 10 minutes!")
Another guy is threatening me because he filled his oxycodone yesterday from a different Dr. and wants me to fill another one today. "You have no idea what I am capable of" he tells me, then goes to the store manager and tells him how awful I am. (Thank goodness for the wonderful (I mean that!) patients that came to my defense.)

Did I mention that I'm here for 12 hours today? It's been 10 hours and I haven't had a chance to consume anything but the Diet Coke I got before we opened. (We are exempt , which means that we don't necessarily get breaks.)

Remember, in pharmacy, we can't have anything other than perfect. No mistakes.

Let me clarify that 99% of my patients are wonderful. I consider them friends and I truly do care.

Sometimes I may have BED. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean I am evil, probably just trying to focus.

That's my rant.

P.S. Did I mention that we also have customer service scores and the only acceptable score is 100%?

Anonymous said...

Oops, the above should have said RBF, not BED. (Autocorrect.) Glad it wasn't a prescription!

Anonymous said...

I won't even start on the CMR's I am supposed to be doing.

If I can't do all of the above (and everything I'm missing ), they will "find someone who can". (Good luck, but I am fully aware that they will try.)

Tech said...

As a pharmacy Technician I can attest to all of these things. Most of our clientele are humble and patient. But there are the few who are rude not understanding. Honestly I may be happier at another job, but the fact is someone will have to still fill prescriptions. Medication is not going away. Also back in the day when you had mom and pop pharmacies it was much easier to manage because you got decide how you want things done (within regulation) Now you have these corporate giants who put these Absurd metrics in and squeeze every ounce of energy out of one person and on top of that cut your hours to save the company money. In some cases you might have 1 tech and 300 prescriptions to fill, 4 pharmacy calls, a pick up and a drive thru of 7 cars. In that instance even if 1 patient calls to have a prescription filled in 5 minutes may throw anyone in a frenzy. As a tech I do care about my Patients, and want to help them feel better, solve problems. But it’s neaely impossible with the work load that these corporate giants put on their staff

Tech said...

As a pharmacy Technician I can attest to all of these things. Most of our clientele are humble and patient. But there are the few who are rude not understanding. Honestly I may be happier at another job, but the fact is someone will have to still fill prescriptions. Medication is not going away. Also back in the day when you had mom and pop pharmacies it was much easier to manage because you got decide how you want things done (within regulation) Now you have these corporate giants who put these Absurd metrics in and squeeze every ounce of energy out of one person and on top of that cut your hours to save the company money. In some cases you might have 1 tech and 300 prescriptions to fill, 4 pharmacy calls, a pick up and a drive thru of 7 cars. In that instance even if 1 patient calls to have a prescription filled in 5 minutes may throw anyone in a frenzy. As a tech I do care about my Patients, and want to help them feel better, solve problems. But it’s neaely impossible with the work load that these corporate giants put on their staff

Anonymous said...

They made mail order pharmacies specifically for you ungrateful dumbasses who would rather not deal with the pharmacist. I know we suck because we don’t kiss your asses and stroke your fragile ego. You’re that person that comes to the pharmacy and doesn’t let the staff do their job either. You sound like the miserable fat fuck who’s had to be told to back off before. You couldn’t handle being a pharmacist for a day. I’ll bet you my years salary on that.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance lmao !! I’m a pharmacist and super happy I’m not a doctor. I didn’t sign up to have people flash their wounds and lesions at me. I constantly remind people myself that I’m not a doctor, yell it at them too out of necessity lol. Doctors should just have an arsenal of meds ready for this individual so he doesn’t have to go to the “middleman” pharmacist. That way the doctor can “freely practice uninhibited” and this person can have a shorter sweeter life. If we were supposed to be making more money off of pharmaceuticals, we should be happily and eagerly filling generic oxycodones and other addictive products. This bozo thinks we have initiative to push generics. He/she loaded every single conspiracy theory into one comment to get me laughing hysterically. Nice work.

Unknown said...

Well, you are quite the dick aren’t you?

Crazy RxMan said...

No, I'm not a dick at all. I deal with dicks. Big dicks. Dicks that don't have any common courtesy or the ability to be polite. I deal with dicks that post comments like yours. So who is the real dick here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, this post, as well as the comments, show just how entitled, arrogant, and rude the average pharmacist actually is. Great job proving why everyone hates pharmacists.