Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TOP DRUGS of 2012 at My Pharmacy

Below is a list of the top 20 drugs dispensed by number of prescriptions:

1. Zolpidem 10mg (Ambien generic -- for sleep) 
2. Oxycodone/APAP 5/325 (Percocet generic -- for pain)
3. Fluticasone 50mcg (Flonase generic -- for seasonal allergies)
4. Azithromycin 250mg Z-Pack (antibiotic)
5. Fluvirin 2012-13 (flu shot)
6. Simvastatin 20mg (Zocor generic -- for cholesterol)
7. Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid 875mg (Augmentin generic -- antibiotic)
8. Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500mg (Vicodin generic -- for pain)
9. Cephalexin 500mg (Keflex generic -- antibiotic)
10. Lisinopril 10mg (Zestril generic -- for high blood pressure)
11. Lisinopril 20mg (Zestril generic -- for high blood pressure)
12. Oxycodone 30mg (for pain)
13. Endocet 10/325mg (Percocet generic -- for pain)
14. Sertraline 100mg (Zoloft generic -- for depression)
15. Tramadol 50mg (Ultram generic -- for pain, sleep)
16. Alprazolam 0.5mg (Xanax generic -- for anxiety)
17. Alprazolam 1mg (Xanax generic -- for anxiety)
18. Amoxicillin 500mg (antibioltic)
19. Crestor 10mg (for cholesterol)
20. Singulair 10mg (for seasonal allergies) 

The numbers also indicate that my pharmacy dispenses the number two on the list (generic Percocet) more than one time per day. Cialis is more popular than Viagra.

So basically the population of patrons at my pharmacy is composed mostly of anxious people who can't sleep, get sick, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and are in whole lotta pain.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, where would oral contraception rank? I figure since there are many different types in circulation, the numbers would be diluted. If you added up all the various types, would oral contraception even make the list?

Not trying to make more work for you, just wondering. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Crestor beat out atorvastatin? CRAZY! And metformin did not even make the list?

Anonymous said...

Man, I write percocet(any strength) maybe 1-2 times a month. And I have 1 pt on oxycodone.
Keflex is practically useless these days. Write it maybe 2 times a year when someone with a bunch of crazy allergies or resistance happens to have a UTI susceptible to 1st generation ceph. I write the others but at much different rates(I write way more amoxil than augmentin, like 10 to 1 or better) and way more amoxil than ZPaks(unless you count azithor for pneumonia in the hospital but that isn't Zpaks)


Texas Pharmacy Chica said...

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Anonymous said...

Where's your norco 10's (you must have the white ones lol) at? man you guys do a lot of narcs. half expected to see some ppi's in there. -CK, Rph