Monday, April 1, 2013

Itching for a prank!

Weird things happen close to closing time... any pharmacist will tell you that. One night about 30 minutes before closing a teenager calls up the pharmacy and wants to talk to the pharmacist.  He sounds concerned, yet somehow cocky. He's telling me about itching in his pubic area, especially his scrotum, with an extended level of detail not typical of any patient, let alone a teenager. What's more, I can hear in the background another male teenager laughing. I'm being pranked was my immediate thought.

But... I figure, what if I'm wrong? I've been wrong once or twice in my life before. So I advise him of the importance of good hygiene and that he can get relief with some of our over the counter products. The boy tells me it is really red and itchy and his grandmother is going to come down to get the medication for him. I hear more laughing in the background. Now I know they're really enjoying getting the pharmacist. I feel like I'm on Candid Camera.
I figure its my turn to have some fun. So... I tell the teenager that it is really important to apply the medication correctly and that he will have to have a close friend apply it on the scrotal area for him for the best treatment possible. I hear more laughing. So then without laughing myself I tell him that his friend will have to get close, really close, to his scrotum every day and check it out for the next two weeks... you know, to make sure the redness is disappearing. More laughing in the background... the boy, now giggling himself, thanks me and hangs up.

Fifteen minutes later an elderly woman comes in and asks for the medication I recommended for her grandson. 

I sure hope it works out with his really close friend.


Anonymous said...

Best story ever!!!

Anonymous said...

It cleared up after 5 days just like you said, thanks