Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom, stop, just STOP

My younger son recently participated in a Rubik's Cube competition. It's a lot of fun to watch a room full of geeks and nerds twist little cubes at lightening speeds to finish the competition first. But it's a LOT MORE FUN to watch the parents and grandparents fight for the better seats so they can video tape EVERYTHING that's going on.

This day was no different. Camera Chaos ensued. I even snapped a few shots here and there. I have a nice digital camera but I fear my kids will be all grown up before I get my hands on a top of the line model. I keep hoping they put a top notch camera in the iPhone someday, but for today... I'm still waiting.

I received some fun entertainment today, however, in the form of an exchange between a mother and son while at the competition. Mom, shown here in the photo shot with my iPhone 4s, is holding her own camera directed away from all the action. She's trying to take pictures of her son which is behind me to the right. She's waving her arms, smiling, trying to get her son to perform or move or something so she can get the "perfect shot."

The son, meanwhile, let's out a barrage of disapproval.
 "Stop! Stop right now! STOP IT, MOM! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP STOP STOP!!!" As you can imagine, mom doesn't stop. She's going to have her picture, and this scenario plays out for a good five minutes. Myself and people sitting around me were quite entertained.

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