Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mandatory e-Scripts for C2 Prescriptions

A fellow pharmacist friend of mine in Arizona tells me that their Board of Pharmacy made it mandatory for prescribers to use the e-Script system for C2 controlled substance prescriptions as of January 1, 2019.

He also tells me that prescribers can avoid having to use the system by filing a "waiver" with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy. In fact, many physicians now just print "waiver filed with board of pharmacy" when printing C2 prescriptions.

Pharmacy chains are also telling their pharmacists that they're not the sheriff in policing the mandatory requirement and to just accept all prescriptions that are written or printed.

So, this begs the question.

What the HELL was the point?

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Great 2am Moth Hunt

So I had a wreath on the front door for Christmas, which I brought in the first week of January and set on the floor to put into storage. 

Unknown to me there was a moth hiding in the wreath that consequently started to flutter around the apartment.

Leo, head of pest control (mousekeeping), went into full alert mode desperately trying to find a way to hunt and kill the moth, knocking over several items in the process. 

He finally gave up UNTIL 2am when the resident human was asleep. At 2am, apparently the prime hour for moth hunting, Leo decided to check every corner of the apartment, including the windows by my sleeping head in search of this moth.

Finally the moth was discovered on the wall above the dresser. After several failed attempts and knocking everything on the top of the dresser off... it was the resident human that killed the moth with a Popular Science magazine (the irony of using an old fashioned kill technique with a magazine about new technology has not escaped me) and the hunt subsided. 

When I say subsided I mean that it continued, just not as intensely, allowing the resident human to sleep. For the next several hours Leo was actively patrolling the premises.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Crazy RxMan Update

Blogging will be sporadic for awhile. There's some health issues at play and consequently a general lack of interest. I'm still active on Twitter at @CrazyRxMan for those who follow this blog and enjoy my sarcasm.

Thanks for your patience.