Tuesday, February 27, 2018


This lady has been putting off
her colonoscopy for 54 years!

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Stupid Stick

Sunday morning, 10am

An e-Script appears for Jill Miller for Flonase. I fill it.

Sunday afternoon, 4:30pm

An e-Script appears for Jill Miller (from the same physician) for a Z-pack. I am busy taking care of other patients, so I don't get to it right away.

Sunday afternoon, 4:35pm

Jill Miller appears at the pick-up window asking for her Z-pack. I tell her I haven't filled it yet. She rolls her eyes.

Sunday afternoon, 4:45pm

Jill Miller is back at the window as I'm finishing up filling her prescription. I go to the will call and grab the Flonase, and then notice she has two other medications for a Flovent and Ventolin.

"I have the Z-pack, Flonase, Flovent, and Ventolin here for you. It looks like the Ventolin and Flovent are rather pricey," I tell her.

"Why is there a Flonase?" she asks.

I tell her that her physician sent that over in the morning.

"I don't need that!" she says.

"Ok, so here's the Z-pack, Flovent, and Ventolin. The Flovent is about $180 and the Ventolin is $63... ON YOUR INSURANCE," I say, emphasizing the insurance part.

"Is that with my insurance?" she asks.

"Yes, that's ON YOUR INSURANCE," I reply.

"Don't they cover my medication? They did before."

"They cover some of the price. Perhaps you have a deductible? It doesn't tell me that."

"What's the total?" she asks.

"The Z-pack is $10, Flovent is $180, and the Ventolin is $63... ON YOUR INSURANCE. That total is $253."

"Ok," she says.

I ring them into the register. The total appears on the monitor. $253.00."

She sees the total on the monitor.

"Is this on my insurance?" she asks.

At this point I can't help myself. "Are you listening to me?" I ask.

"Of course," she says, now acting perturbed.

I show her the cash price of the med on the pharmacy printout and then show her the numbers I've repeated twice now. "Your insurance is covering part of the cost, but not all. THESE are the prices YOU PAY," I explain.

She looks at the monitor again which says $253.00.

I swear to you, by all the gods of Westeros, she then said:

"Is this with my insurance?"

I'm stunned. This lady was hit several times with the stupid stick today and I've really had enough. All I can muster out is "Yes."

"Well, I don't want them," she says, and walks away.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

For Your Pharmacy Files...


A fellow Twitter follower tells me: "Years ago, a woman called my pharmacy and asked if amoxicillin could inhibit a man's ability to climax, because her husband was taking the drug for an abscess tooth and she had 'tried everything she knew to try' without  success."


The same follower also reports: "Last year, a regular customer (older man, high maintenance) asked my pharmacist for a recommendation on an iron supplement. 'But make sure you tell me the ones for white people. I don't want to take black people's iron.'"


Another Twitter follower told me: A lady asked for my advice on how to handle her indigestion because she was on “24,000 milligrams” of Ibuprofen a day last week. Yes, she said twenty-four THOUSAND.


And just yesterday at the Goofmart: A lady with a six month old asked me if it was ok to give her baby twice the adult dose of Benadryl. I said absolutely not.

“But I really need her to sleep,” she argued.

What’s wrong with people?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Some of my Narc Patients...

Just can't wait to get home
before they start gobbling up their pain meds.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hot Head Harry

Here comes Hot Head Harry. He wants to talk about his foot cream. He's not happy. You see, Hot Head Harry is confused because he gets two items for his foot. He gets Salicylic Acid lotion and Ketoconazole cream. But the cream comes in a tiny tube whereas the lotion comes in a big bottle. Harry gets the two mixed up and uses up the cream too quickly and then thinks that the pharmacy has shorted him.

Oh, believe me, we've tried to explain it to him. Every one of us... both pharmacists and technicians. No one can seem to get the message across to Hot Head Hairy. And he snorts off, swearing in his native tongue, mad every time... pacing off on his fungal feet.

Apparently this time was indeed the last time. Within an hour we receive a call from a Goofmart Pharmacy not too far away... wanting to know the situation because Harry is over there wanting to transfer all his prescriptions to them. Here's an actual picture of my reaction to the news:

UPDATE... this was originally posted in 2016. As of today, Hot Head Hairy has not returned to our pharmacy!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Pharmacy Technology at Issue

AP News: Snootyville

In a startling turn of events, a patient was caught completely off guard when his local pharmacist responded “Yes” when the patient asked at the pharmacy counter, “I left the doctor’s office about a minute ago. They sent over a prescription for me. Is it ready?”

“It’s new tech developed as a result from experiments with the collider at CERN,” local pharmacist Crazy RxMan revealed. “It allows us to manipulate time and space. We’re actually able to fill all prescriptions instantaneously now. Waiting for your prescriptions is no longer an issue at Goofmart Pharmacy.”

Concerned safety groups have lodged complaints at the use of such technology, citing The Mandela Effect. “Manipulating the fabric of space WILL have negative effects,” an advocate stated. “What if we wake up one morning only to realize that Viagra doesn’t exist in our new time line?”

Other Pharmacists have also voiced concerns. “If we’re altering time and filling prescriptions outside of the normal passage of time, we’re actually doing a lot more work than we’re being paid for!” stated a pharmacist who wished to remain anonymous. "I'm not working for free!"

When this concern was directed to APhA, the American pharmacist advocacy group replied, “Most pharmacists are already used to [doing a lot more work] now. The bigger question is how our overlords, the Pharmacy Benefit Managers, will respond to the new technology. Unless they can find a way to profit from it, they’ll make it disappear like so many other enemies of Big Pharma.”