Saturday, February 3, 2018

Something to Consider about @GoodRx

"When a service costs no money to use, then you are not the provider's customer. You are their product."


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Anonymous said...

OK, Crazy, we all know how much you dislike Good Rx. We also know how hard you work for and care about your patients. If you knew a patient’s medication was not covered by insurance and it was something he/she really needed (w/no other real, less expensive options to replace it with) and you had information that GR would allow said patient to get the medication between $250-$300 less and therefore, making her medication compliant would you at that time encourage her to use the discount? I know why you don’t like it as I said you speak of it often. But in dire situations like this above scenario if you wouldn’t suggest it, why not? I’m one of those people that need to use it for @ least one medication w/ a savings of several hundred dollars. Should I really be worried and how can I protect myself? Thanks for all you do, Crazy.