Thursday, May 31, 2018

It is What it is

Some people view this phrase as "sound advice." Some people think it is wise. Upper management (The Authorities) like to throw this phrase around when they have no answer for your query or any kind of reasoning to justify their often foolish and usually illogical decisions.

It is what it is (you can't change it) so you best just accept it and live with it.

But that's not our nature. Anyone who would think this is a wise approach doesn't understand the nature of man. We do not live by accepting things the way they are. No one should ever do that.

Imagine for a moment... what if the colonists had just accepted the taxes imposed by the King of England? What if they said "It is what it is" and just accepted it? Would we have the great superpower nation we have now? Or would we be just another struggling colony of the British Empire?

What if Dr. Jonas Salk just accepted that Polio could not be beat? What if he said, "It is what it is" and never tried to eradicate Polio with his vaccine research? What if Rosa Parks said "It is what it is" and moved back on that bus back in December, 1955? What if scientists just accepted the notion that no one would ever make it to the moon? 

Now you see why this defeatist and sad acceptance of the way things are is so dangerous. Think of all the times in your own life when you thought you were stuck or had to live a certain way or accept defeat. Aren't you glad you didn't give up? Aren't you glad you kept trying?

It doesn't matter who you are or the situation. Never give up. Never accept things the way they are. There is no wisdom in this whatsoever. Don't let yourself be fooled by those who would tell you to accept defeat. Don't be deceived by those who think nothing can change in your life, whether it be an issue with your job, your family, your relationship... whatever it is... NEVER GIVE UP.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Old Switcheroo Trick

Two days ago a lady came in with a prescription and an Aetna medical card. I checked the card very carefully and there is no pharmacy information on the card. I've been around the block a few times now and know what to look for. There was no pharmacy info on the card.

I tell her this is her medical card and I need her pharmacy card. She, of course, tells me that this is the only card she has. So I look again. Perhaps I missed it. There's no pharmacy billing information on the card. 

Yesterday she comes back in with an attitude. She hands me what is obviously a new card that looks a lot like the one from the other day except this one has pharmacy billing information on the back. It was very obvious it was a different card. It even looked shiny and new. 

And yet, after all this, she tells me that it is the same card as the other day and that I just didn't look closely at the card. She's obviously lying and trying to pretend it is my fault. I just stare for a moment, considering the options of trying to argue. Instead I just put in the billing information and get a claim. 

It's not worth trying to argue.

Monday, May 28, 2018

What Upper Management Thinks about Us

The Authorities (those who manage us from the ivory towers, also known as upper management) really think Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are dumb.

Who else would tell you that you need to do MORE scripts to get the tech help you need just to do the business you're doing now?

Who else would think that you have ten minutes to counsel every single patient on their medication every single time they come to the pharmacy?

Who else would insist that everything be labeled in the pharmacy, as if we don't know what a vacuum and freezer are?

What these people really do is "manage" to annoy us, pester us, and keep us from filling prescriptions promptly and safely.

**My thanks to the Albertson's pharmacy tech that sent me the pictures of the fridge and freezer.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Foil Hats for EVERYONE

Are you worried about aliens? Is the government spying on you? Does your phone line make you feel suspicious? Is your pharmacist looking at you funny? 


And yet you're a busy person. You don't have the time to craft your own foil hat. Besides, what if it leaks? You're no foil hat expert!

Don't dismay! You can buy a genuine foil hat crafted with exacting standards! Save time and stay free from those who want to mess with your mind!

Get yours today HERE.

Friday, May 25, 2018

A Fun Question

If you're new to this blog, you've probably never heard of "Foil Hat Lady." She's one of my regulars that insists on having brand Valium (to the tune of $800 a month), says she doesn't drink milk for religious reasons (but buys ice cream all the time), and most of all is very very very concerned about our phone security each time she calls the pharmacy.

Here's some blog posts about my wacky interactions with her if you're interested.

Whenever we see her in the grocery, the technicians all scramble to the far corners of the pharmacy, or suddenly have to use the restroom, or bolt out of the pharmacy. No one wants to deal with her. If I see her first I immediately pick up the phone and pretend to be counseling a patient.

But today I was the last to see her and I'm stuck helping her. Today she has an odd smile on her face. She steps up to the counter...

"I have a fun question," she whispers, barely, so that no one will hear her. I can barely hear her.

"Yes," I respond.

"Where are the condoms?" she asks, giggling a little.

Now this is a woman well into her 60s, married for dozens of years to the same man who is likely at home right now praying to God to give him cancer so he can leave the earth because he's married to the most insanely paranoid woman on the planet. This is NOT a woman you would ever think engages in activities like the birds and the bees, nor is this a woman you would even want to think engages in this behavior. This is a mental image you just don't want.

I'm stunned. What on EARTH would this crazy lady need condoms for? Surely it must be for a gag gift or she's using them to hide something when traveling. Sex? No way. Not this lady. And what's FUN got to do with it? This is NOT a person that has had any kind of fun since 1970, if ever.

"Aisle five," I whisper, pointing in that direction. She heads off toward aisle five, bless her soul.

I'll never know what fun Foil Hat Lady has planned with a box of condoms. I don't ever want to know. You don't want to know. No one does.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Word for the Day: Exasperation

You go see your physician. You wait in the waiting room. Then you wait in the exam room. Finally the physician sees you. She writes you a new prescription and says she will send it to your pharmacy to be filled.

You leave the physician's office. You drive to the pharmacy. It took you maybe five or ten minutes because they're just around the corner. You go into the pharmacy and see they're quite busy. You wait to get up to the counter and you say:

"I just left my doctor's office. She was sending over a new prescription. Is it ready?"

Your pharmacist and the technician then look like this:

Hmmm... I wonder why.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


This is buried on the GoodRx website. Whatever they've told you about not selling your private and personal health information is a LIE. 

Don't be a part of this scam. Say NO to GoodRx.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Riddle me this, Batman

It happens almost every day. A patient comes to the pharmacy with a new Rx for a controlled substance. But we last filled the same medication for the patient 26 days ago! And here they are wanting it filled again. 

After three months of this the patient is now 12 days ahead on their medication.

Some prescribers are diligent enough to watch the dates and indicate on the prescription "Do Not Fill until 30 days Past Late Date Filled" or indicate a specific date to fill. Pharmacists and their technicians love these physicians. 

But so many physicians, too many actually, don't pay any attention to the dates. Tell me this, Batman... WHY are they doing this? They see the patient every 26 days and then hand out prescriptions for meds that should last 30 days. Why?

Stop this nonsense. 

If you're a physician doing this, STOP IT. You're contributing to the opioid epidemic. If you're a pharmacist, DON'T FILL THE MEDICATION until it's due. Sure, people go out of town and there's extenuating circumstances and you should use your best judgement, but if this is going on month after month after month, YOU need to step up and do your best to stop it.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Listening Skills 101

Me: “We’re short one pack on your daughter’s birth control. I’ll have the remaining pack ready on Monday after 1:30.”

Lady: “Ok. Anytime on Monday?”

Me: “No. After 1:30. It’s already marked as paid. Just come in and pick it up.”

Lady: “So you’ll write it down in your system that I don’t have to pay for it?”

Me: “It’s already marked as paid.”

Lady: “Anytime Monday then?”

Me: Shaking my head in complete disbelief

Yes, this really happened.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

YOU are the ONE with the PROBLEM

Lady: “Can I check out this other stuff?”

Me: “I'm sorry. There’s alcohol in your basket.”

Lady: “Yeah, so?”

Me: “You’ll have to take it up front. We’re not allowed to ring up alcohol at the pharmacy.”

Lady: “I’ve been checking it out here FOR TWO YEARS.”

Me: “I’m sorry. If Mickey or one of the techs is doing that they're not following policy.”

Lady: “YOU are the ONE with the PROBLEM here.”

Me: “There’s a big policy on that with the company and I need to keep my job.”

Lady: Pays and scurries off with her six pack of beer, angrily, giving me stink eye.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Aggravation Station

Every single person was aggravating me yesterday.

Here's a sample:

Lady: “Is my prescription ready?”

Me: “Yes. In fact, I left you a message yesterday on your voicemail telling you it’s ready to pick up.”

Lady: “Oh.”


“So is it ready to pick up?”