Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

GADGET FRIDAY: Kinsa plugs into your iPhone

After plugging the thermometer into your iPhone via the headphone port, it will read your temperature in real time and display it on the screen, letting you spot a fever as soon as your temp passes a healthy mark. Once the thermometer accessory has done its job, the Kinsa app takes your hand and helps you make sense of whatever symptoms you may have. The app taps into account what the Kinsa team calls "health weather" -- a database that can reveal if a particular illness is making the rounds in your area.

Kinsa is a powerful tool for adults, but it's designed to work better than a traditional thermometer when it comes to kids as well. Playful graphics and bright colors give the app a very relaxing vibe, which isn't exactly the norm when it comes to medical devices. Kinsa isn't quite ready for retail just yet, but you can sign up on the company's website to be notified as soon as you can get your hands on your own.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Funnies for your Post Dinner Enjoyment

Where are the Rockets?

Years ago, my little son and I were watching the Macy's Day Parade while the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving were wafting through the house. As little boys do, he started getting impatient and wanting me to go outside and play with him.

I wasn't quite ready to leave my warm spot on the couch, so I told asked him to be patient. I told him he would want to wait because the "Rockettes" would be performing on stage. So he was patient and actually enjoyed some of the floats and performances. Finally the Rockettes did perform...

My son, angry with me now, exclaimed:


Happy Thanksgiving
to you
and your family
from the
Crazy RxMan!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flu Shot Fun Fun Fun

"I want a flu shot."

We hate those words. We DESPISE those words. Want to know why? Because flu shot season is added work for everyone in the pharmacy... and guess what, we don't get extra help for all the added work. The mantra for today is "Deal with it." So we do, but dealing with it is really nothing more than getting behind in the workflow and putting our regular patients' lives at risk by rushing our regular workload through the system.

Today a guy is at the PICK UP window asking for a flu shot. A seasoned technician would have taken the guy down to the DROP OFF window where we have a sign that says "FLU SHOTS START HERE" but this tech proceeds to type up his info at the PICK UP window.

One, two... then three people end up in line at the PICK UP window. Why? Because newbie tech is trying to get flu shot guy's insurance to work. 

"I have a $25 co-pay," he says. "I know it is $25."

After several minutes I step up to help with the situation. The other people who dropped off prescriptions at the correct window will have to wait. This flu shot stuff is more important and the grocery coupon they're going to get is even more important. I ask the guy to come over to the DROP OFF window so I can work on the situation.

Which, by the way, WHEN was it that pharmacists and techs had to become experts on insurance? It's YOUR insurance. We bill it as a courtesy. It practically requires another degree to process claims on insurance now. Add to that the fact that very few people seem to understand that their Rx coverage is different than their medical coverage... that makes things worse.

Such is the case with flu shot guy. The newbie tech didn't know the difference and was trying to process a claim on his medical card. So once I get the correct card it goes through with no problem... or so I thought.

"Ok, I processed the claim. It is $26.15 on your prescription drug plan."

And after twenty minutes requiring two people to process and the needless back up of several other people, flu shot guy says, "I don't want it then."

I'm shocked. All I can muster out is, "Why?"

"It's supposed to be $25. I don't want it if it is going to be more."

So for all that happened, the time wasted, the people inconvenienced, getting behind on the workflow, and everything else, flu shot guy doesn't want the shot because it is $1.15 more than he was expecting.

Euthanize me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

She's Better Than You

You remember Mrs. Tasker...

The lady who was mad and accused us of losing her prescriptions

The lady who demands brand and requires us to have a flawless memory

The lady who left her prescriptions behind but just can't bear to say thank you

Today she came by to pick up some more brand-only prescriptions and never mentioned the fiasco with her leaving her prescriptions behind. That just might have to involve gratitude. No, this time she spent several minutes scolding me because we didn't have hand sanitizer on the counter for her immediate use. The problem is that the guy in front of her in line didn't live up to her requirements of cleanliness so she felt the need to clean up immediately since she had to be pick up the pen on the signature capture device that he touched.

I don't have a problem with cleaning your hands after touching something in public. That seems reasonable. But acting like you've just been exposed to the world's most deadly virus simply because the person in front of you isn't wearing an Armani suit is simply ridiculous.

It must be hard to be so perfect.

Monday, November 25, 2013

She'll have to Suffer on her Own

Ring... Ring... Ring...

"Thank you for calling Goofmart Pharmacy. This is Crazy RxMan, how may I help you?"

"Yes, I wanted to ask your advice on something."

I recognize the voice. I know this lady... but who is she?

"Sure, what can I do for you?"

"I have some dog bites on my ankles. It was from some tiny Chihuahuas. What can you recommend that I put on the bites? I'm not sure but I think they could be infected. Both ankles are red. They were tiny dogs and had small sharp teeth."

A person appears at the PICK UP window. I hold my hand over the phone and say, "I'll be right with you." I only have one technician at this time of the day and she's off making sure our waiting room is "patient ready."

The lady continues, "I love the people that own them but they're... well their home is dirty and I'm sure those dogs don't have clean mouths so I want to know what I can put on my ankles to keep them from getting infected. Is there is a cream or lotion or what can I do?"

"Did you see the doctor?" I ask, hoping she'll get the message that she NEEDS to see a doctor.

A second person gets in line at the register.

"No I haven't seen the doctor yet but I'm just curious to what I can do now ahead of time before I go to the doctor. These bites sure hurt a lot and I'm just sure I'm going to get infected. If I go to the doctor and I need and antibiotic what should I ask for?"

The first person in line starts doing the pee dance. She's been there less than a minute but it looks like she's going to explode any second. That's how it rolls in the snooty part of town where I work.

"The doctor will examine you and determine what type of medication you need, if you need one at all. Perhaps a cephalosporin would be appropriate, I don't know for sure."

"What's a ceffa-sporkin?" she asks.

"It's an antibiotic I see commonly prescribed for skin infections. Of course I can't ascertain what YOU need but the doctor can determine that."

A third person gets in line and starts quizzing the second person in line as to what's going on and why there is a line of people. Where's that damn tech now?

"Listen, can I call you back? I'm all alone here at the pharmacy and I have people waiting. I'd be happy to call you back when we're not busy..."

She ignores me. "What kind of germs are in dog mouths anyway? I'm really worried that I can get an infection and I don't do well on antibiotics. I remember that ceffa-sporkin now. It made me feel sick. I remember taking it before. It just sat in my stomach and didn't do anything. It never dissolved in my stomach and I could feel it in my stomach and it made me feel sick. I can't take that. What can I take?"

I ignored the suggestion that a capsule of medication didn't dissolve in her stomach. That would be worth investigating if it were really true, but the crowd goes more angry. I really need to wrap this up.

"First you need to be examined by the doctor and then the doctor can determine what you need. You can tell the doctor you don't want that medication and he or she can give you something else. Please let me know what the doctor has to say. Thanks for calling..."

People see I'm about to get off the phone and breathe a sigh of relief. They've had to wait a few minutes and it nearly killed them. But now they've realized they're going to live. They're finally on the lifeboat watching the Titanic sink.

She continues, "Well I have more questions about the pain of these bites but since you're giving me the brush off I guess I'll have to suffer on my own."

<click> She hangs up. That was when I finally remembered her...  the insanely tall woman with conjunctivitis!