Monday, November 4, 2013

I'll need an ID

A lady approaches the counter. "Where's your Sudafed? I can't find it out here anywhere!"

"It's behind the counter. We'll need your ID."

The lady turns around apparently thinking I said "behind her."

"No, over here. I'll need your ID," I say quickly before she wanders off.

"Why do you need my ID?" she asks.

"It's a federal law. It contains pseudoephedrine. Ever see Breaking Bad?"

"Oh." She hands me her library card.

"No, I need something with your address on it."

"I don't have anything with my address on it." She had a "tone," just like Morgan said about his father in the movie Signs. And whenever someone says something with a particular tone, I immediately think of the movie Signs and this picture.

"Maybe your driver's license?" I suggest.

The lady rolls her eyes then looks in her purse and pulls out a Montana driver's license. I put in her information. She's from Victor, Montana. Apparently in Montana, pseudoephedrine is not behind the counter and you can use your library card as an ID. Of course, when downtown Victor looks like this, you wouldn't expect Meth labs and your library card might be all you need to get some PSE:

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine the fun we have in Oregon, where PSE needs a prescription...