Tuesday, November 26, 2013

She's Better Than You

You remember Mrs. Tasker...

The lady who was mad and accused us of losing her prescriptions

The lady who demands brand and requires us to have a flawless memory

The lady who left her prescriptions behind but just can't bear to say thank you

Today she came by to pick up some more brand-only prescriptions and never mentioned the fiasco with her leaving her prescriptions behind. That just might have to involve gratitude. No, this time she spent several minutes scolding me because we didn't have hand sanitizer on the counter for her immediate use. The problem is that the guy in front of her in line didn't live up to her requirements of cleanliness so she felt the need to clean up immediately since she had to be pick up the pen on the signature capture device that he touched.

I don't have a problem with cleaning your hands after touching something in public. That seems reasonable. But acting like you've just been exposed to the world's most deadly virus simply because the person in front of you isn't wearing an Armani suit is simply ridiculous.

It must be hard to be so perfect.

1 comment:

Mrs_R said...

Next time, recommend she stop breathing.

That way she won't inhale any dangerous particles.

Not to mention, she'd be doing us all a favor. /wink