Monday, November 11, 2013

You WILL give FluZone

He waved his hand like a Jedi...

"You will give FluZone," he said. "He" being a pushy drug rep that has come by not once, not twice, but three times now to "influence" us to promote FluZone.

"People don't ask for it," I said on his second visit.

He quickly replied, "No one is going to 'ask' for it. YOU need to ASK them if they want it. Are you going to do that for me, Crazy?"

Somehow this pushy drug rep has decided I've been assimilated by his mind control and that I'm only here at the pharmacy now to sell more FluZone intradermal flu shots for him.

His Jedi mind tricks have no effect on me, but to get him OUT of my busy pharmacy, I tell him like I've been brainwashed, "Yes, Master, I will ASK the patients if they want FluZone."

Yesterday he stopped by for his third visit...

"What is thy bidding, my Master?" I asked.

"How many FluZone intradermal shots have you dispensed?"

"None, my Master. I have asked every patient. No one wants the intradermal shot." I prepare to have my throat squeezed by the Dark Side of the force. I look forward to my death so I can rest from my labor.

Instead, the Sanofi-Jedi turns his attention to the technician on duty.

"Have you received a flu shot this year, young lady?

"No," she replies. "I never get the flu shot."

"Then you must get the FluZone intradermal flu shot." He waves his hand again. "Crazy will give it you."

Picking up on how I just say what the guy wants to hear, she says, "Yes, my Master. I will think about getting a FluZone intradermal flu shot."

The drug rep leaves.

May the Force keep him out of our pharmacy.

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Anonymous said...

So I'm dense - what are the advantages if any? According to google, it sounds like the downsides are enough to say I'd have the ordinary version, not that I have the choice here in Europe.