Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Old Switcheroo Trick

Two days ago a lady came in with a prescription and an Aetna medical card. I checked the card very carefully and there is no pharmacy information on the card. I've been around the block a few times now and know what to look for. There was no pharmacy info on the card.

I tell her this is her medical card and I need her pharmacy card. She, of course, tells me that this is the only card she has. So I look again. Perhaps I missed it. There's no pharmacy billing information on the card. 

Yesterday she comes back in with an attitude. She hands me what is obviously a new card that looks a lot like the one from the other day except this one has pharmacy billing information on the back. It was very obvious it was a different card. It even looked shiny and new. 

And yet, after all this, she tells me that it is the same card as the other day and that I just didn't look closely at the card. She's obviously lying and trying to pretend it is my fault. I just stare for a moment, considering the options of trying to argue. Instead I just put in the billing information and get a claim. 

It's not worth trying to argue.

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Anonymous said...

if it is obvious it was a new card (old card dirty or scratched up) and they insist it was the same card they previously handed in, i make a comment about how clean they got the card.

"oh wow, you cleaned this card nice, now i can find the pharmacy info! i couldnt see it before." you didnt call them on their BS, but now they know you know.