Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hot Head Harry

Here comes Hot Head Harry. He wants to talk about his foot cream. He's not happy. You see, Hot Head Harry is confused because he gets two items for his foot. He gets Salicylic Acid lotion and Ketoconazole cream. But the cream comes in a tiny tube whereas the lotion comes in a big bottle. Harry gets the two mixed up and uses up the cream too quickly and then thinks that the pharmacy has shorted him.

Oh, believe me, we've tried to explain it to him. Every one of us... both pharmacists and technicians. No one can seem to get the message across to Hot Head Hairy. And he snorts off, swearing in his native tongue, mad every time... pacing off on his fungal feet.

Apparently this time was indeed the last time. Within an hour we receive a call from a Goofmart Pharmacy not too far away... wanting to know the situation because Harry is over there wanting to transfer all his prescriptions to them. Here's an actual picture of my reaction to the news:

UPDATE... this was originally posted in 2016. As of today, Hot Head Hairy has not returned to our pharmacy!


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