Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Idea of Mine STOLEN

Adding to a long list of items that I invented years ago, including The Internet (sorry Al Gore), jet engines, and that scanner image thing which takes you directly to a website, I also invented this featured cutting board with trays beneath it so you can store your recent chopped items. Yeah, I thought of this idea many years ago. I'm just too lazy to get around to patenting anything so I lose out on all the royalties. Of course, if the person who's getting all the money now feels guilty, you can feel free to let me in on the deal. 

Link: Slicer, dicer, and organizer

Your dog is going to hate this cutting board. In a normal kitchen, when one is prepping food for a meal, there's almost always a bit of carrot, a chunk of cheese, or a bit of bacon that falls to the floor and makes its way into the belly of an eager canine. With the One Stop Chop Cutting Board, these treats from heaven will be a thing of the past.

The One Stop Chop Cutting Board is a raised, bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. Slice and dice your ingredient, then use your knife to slide it directly into one of the drawers. Repeat for your other ingredients. Then pull out the drawers and dump your chopped ingredients directly into your pot or skillet. Bam! Food prep that is sliced, diced, and organized and with every morsel going directly where it should.

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