Monday, March 11, 2013

Elmers Glue and Duct Tape

"Do you have any Elmer's Glue?" she asked.

A lady, mid twenties, is at my IN window. I tell her we have Elmer's Glue on aisle 10 on the left.

"No, do YOU have any Elmer's Glue?"

I look in our drawer that is labeled OFFICE SUPPLIES. Everything is labeled now. It's part of our organization's new organization plan. Not one manager can tell me exactly how this increases script count, but we're dang organized. I'm also surprised the drawers themselves aren't labeled DRAWERS, just in case you didn't know what a drawer is. I have a sneaky feeling that the company plans to replace us with some real idiots in the future... ones that will have to have everything labeled because they can't figure out anything on their own. Or more likely, the company already thinks we're a bunch of idiots right now and they think we need to have everything labeled. After all, these are the same people that invented Quake-N-Zap.

Anyway, sure enough, we have some Elmer's Glue in there. Maybe some pharmacist before me used it to glue broken tablets back together, I don't know. Nothing surprises me anymore. I hand her the bottle and she dabs a little on her finger. She reaches up and without a mirror places the dab on her split left earlobe. She's done this before, I'm thinking. At some point in her life she must have had an earring ripped from her earlobe and it was split to the end. She holds the split earlobe together for three or four minutes while I just look at her, bewildered.

Then she reaches into her pocket, takes out an earring, and puts it in her ear.

"How do I look?" she asks. 

"Great." I reply. I'm older and wise to this female trap question.

"Thanks." She leaves with a smile on her face.

As she's walking away, I see that she's wearing jeans and a good portion of her jeans are taped together with duct tape, the shiny silver kind.

Just another normal day at the pharmacy.


Anonymous said...

At first, I was wondering why you actually took the time to find glue for this lady, and then stood there and watched her for 4 precious minutes. Then, I realized that weird moments like this are sometimes all you have to get you through a day in a retail pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

They have earlobe repair surgery....much safer for expensive earrings, safer than elmers glue, krazy glue would be better. Then they also have something we like to call a poor mans get your ears pierced higher as they start to sag.