Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dark Sun Glasses, the FIRST Giveaway

Pharmacists pick up on the subtle but then there's the obvious. If you're going to pass a fake Rx, your FIRST step is DON'T WEAR DARK SUN GLASSES. You'd think they'd figure it out by now. But no, they haven't. Week after week, WEEKEND after WEEKEND, here they come marching in with the fake prescriptions... Oxycodone 30mg #120, nearly perfect handwriting, filled out with date of birth and even address. Yeah, all my busy doctors do that, sure. 

But the first dead giveaway is the dark sunglasses. It immediately says you're hiding something. And apparently there are still a few pharmacists out there who never question any of it, and maybe that's why you do it. 

But don't expect to come around my pharmacy wearing dark sunglasses. I'm going to immediately check your Rx top to bottom, inside and out, to figure out if it's a fake.


Officer Cynical said...

I would wear a pair of those X-ray Specs if I was gonna try to pass fake prescriptions. It would hide the resting HGN, and scare people into not questioning me about it.

Hildy said...

The only glasses I own are sunglasses and I wear them everywhere, indoors and out, day or night. Little did I know it was causing suspicion and making my pharmacist double- and triple-check my thyroid script. I'll have to remember to remove them from now on. (Shades of the TSA at the pharmacy counter! Pun not intended.)